Another Snow Job

After the complete and total collapse of all of the highly suspicious "hate crimes" that we were told occurred following the election of a Nationalist candidate there has been a short respite from these low-energy attempts at artifice. This isn't to imply that our enemy had learned its lesson or anything, but there was a certain national fatigue regarding "I was beaten with no lasting physical damage by three muscular and sexually desirable Trump supporters" tales as a cover story to prevent being pounded out by male relatives for breaking curfew. For now the "grab them by the hijab" erotic fantasies have ceased. Nature abhors a vacuum, so instead here's another installment of  phony hate crime snow follies to keep us warm here in the depths of winter and mulatto history month.

A swastika and "KKK" were found drawn in the snow at a Queens park Wednesday morning, prompting the NYPD to investigate the incident as a possible hate crime, officials said.

Yes, you read that correctly. Police are investigating someone, quite possibly the individual that reported it, drawing forbidden shapes into snow. What's next, a special task force to get to the bottom of the mystery of why some snow is yellow? It must be nice to live in a city with no actual crime, freeing resources for this nonsense.

"These are the images I encountered in the park," Eileen O'Gara Linzer, 38, who lives in the area with her family, wrote of her discovery on Facebook.

Hey unclean meat, watcha doin?!? Instead of, I don't know, maybe just smoothing over the "hate" with your shoe, let's post it for all to see on Jewbook. Everything about this story just screams legitimacy. The poor gentile woman, the banality of nawrtzee evil, tellink the world, etc. I'd call this every bit as credible as the holohoax, maybe slightly more!

"Down the block from where my Jewish husband and half-Jewish children are currently living. In one of the most diverse places on earth, and one of our most beloved — Queens NY."

My jewish husband and my three kosher dogs and my chosen by g*d refrigerator and a living room set made of family members that went up the chimney and my mischlings and all my dreidels are just down the block!  Here, in the heart of "diversity," the Brown Shirts are playing reindeer games in the snow!

So close to being correctly made, but yet so far away.

The incident is currently being probed by the NYPD Hate Crimes Task Force, according to Deputy Inspector Mark Wachter, commanding officer of the 104th Precinct, who was at the scene Wednesday morning after Parks Department employees brushed away the markings.
That dumb shiksa trophy was so deeply hurt by this new shoah she just left it there and tax dollars had to be spent to have officers make snow angels over it. Get the "hate crime task force" on the case! This is clown world.

"Hate has no place in our parks," said Queens Borough Parks Commissioner Dorothy Lewandowski. "When offensive hate speech is discovered, NYC Parks works with NYPD to remove it immediately."  

I want to make it clear that I condemn the hate snow and all it represents, as my selfish nihilistic careerism demands.

Local residents were stunned to learn about the incident.

Sheeeeit, durr bee hister up inn dat sno an sheet?

Reggie Kasic, 75, who lives a few blocks away and walks around Juniper Valley Park every day, said, "It's not something that happens here at all." 

Yeah. It is somewhat suspicious, isn't it?


  1. I grew up in that same park. I guess my evil white racism must have rubbed off on the place... awful. Soooo ashamed of m'self....

  2. The new groundskeeper of the park Habib Palestinian was unavailable for comment, but three yoots were seen drinking a large 2 liter soda in a possible fizzy drink felony.


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