Denver: Illegal Alien Released, Commits Murder

You don't make anything better by adding more may-hee-can peasants to it, not may-hee-co and certainly not America. At best they're a drain on a system already stretched to the breaking point by the descendants of the cargo brought here by jewish slavers, at worst they're killers and rapists. Noticing this reality is wrong, so please keep staring at the electronic synagogue and inhaling the booze and pills and opiates, goyim. Trying to fix this mess is "racist" and wrong, wanting to have your own country is evil if you're White (Israel is our greatest ally). Hundreds of miles from a porous border that will hopefully soon have a big and beautiful wall the la-teen-oh sewage rewards our suicidal generosity.

One of the suspects accused of trying to rob and then killing a man at a Denver light rail station was in custody and wanted for possible deportation by federal authorities when he was released from jail weeks before the homicide, federal officials said.

Welcome to Brazil North, where corrupt authorities release criminal invaders for no adequately explained reason, freeing the scum to commit even worse crimes. These are muh values, this is Who We Are. Moronic and weak, lazy and easily fooled by everyone from a mulatto pimp from Chicago to some wetback turd with a criminal record. Smoke your jewish dope, Colorado! Go on, inhale the thick clouds of idiocy, lethargy and apathy. Get "baked" and forget that there's alien warfare raging right outside your door.

Ever Valles is in jail in Denver along with another man for the killing of Tim Cruz, 32, at the Sheridan light rail train station on Feb. 7. He and Nathan Valdez were formally charged with murder Friday.

Dyin' Ted, everyone! Tim, actually, but close enough. Natural conservatives discuss small government and laissez-faire economics before helping hot lead "immigrate" into the body of one of these worthies, in search of a better life. May-hee-can tribal warfare in a dead nation. With Cruz, you lose.

Immigration and Customs Enforcement had placed a detainer on Valles after the Denver. Police Department arrested him in October for car theft and other charges.

This foreign animal has committed no crimes, other than coming here as an act of love. Well, that and the whole "grand theft auto" thing. And some others. But the important thing is this vile creature belongs here because our JUDEO-christian values that the jew wire-puller doesn't share but will use as a weapon against you demand it.

We need a lot more of this for muh economy and muh sanctimony.

ICE said in a statement that it wasn't informed when Valles was released Dec. 20. Valles is an immigration enforcement priority because he is a known gang member with a gang history documented in the Colorado gang database, ICE said.
Yeah. That and he stole cars, but I guess we already forgot about that part. Obama's U.S.S.A. Rest in pieces.

"Denver has never and will never advocate for felons to remain on our streets -- immigrants or not," the sheriff department said in a statement. "We are part of the criminal justice system and do not hold people on civil matters."

Hey great, here's some oral flatulence from a careerist slob. We would never allow events that have already occurred to happen. Also, stealing expensive property is apparently no longer a crime, but a "civil matter." These are the feckless blobs of human goo "protecting" us from "dreamers."

ICE was only given a 25-minute warning before Valles was released. The source said there was not enough time for ICE agents to get to the jail and take him into federal custody.

The corrupt system needs a total and complete overall and hopefully this is coming soon. 

Out, out, out!


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