Paris Burns, Again

Please watch the following amazing video. Be sure to make copies and spread it far and wide.

Welcome to the final days of a dying nation, a country that greedily gulped down the hemlock of "diversity" in the name of muh economy and muh guilt over imaginary crimes. Now the collapse begins, as tar-colored authorities are helpless against the rot. We start with the usual "Is this Africa?" panorama as moose-limb sewage and debased White useful idiots march against civilization. The Soros-funded mob is here to carry out the kosher orders of destructive nihilism. Everything must burn, the cumulative efforts of generations of Whites must be reduced to rubble. Otherwise a jew might call us names.

The window on the police car is smashed and the negro officer, the last protector of France, the Old  Guard, the African genetic alien, is peppered with baby punches from a weak and degenerate White. Objects are thrown at the "whip" while Officer Morlock seems uncertain what course of action it should pursue. Mercenary barbarian soldiers, a vanishing native populace with late stage spiritual cancer, foreign invasion and all against all. The jew must be wondering how it's going to extract the brown slaves promised by the talmud from this crucible, but is doubtlessly content simply seeing the hated goyim destroyed by their own generosity.

These riots are receiving almost no coverage from kosher fake news media outlets, by the way.

A firebomb is tossed into the back seat of the cruiser. Think fast, Officer Congo and Officer Steffi! The "anti-racist" displays the sacred commitment to battling "hate" by attacking the negro authority, who passively defends himself before finally being saved by one of the "moderate rebels." The thin blue line scatters like quail, leaving behind the burning vehicle. Everything is fine in Europe, President Trump is exaggerating and making things up. Go back to sleep, climb into that open grave. Watch your negro ball, drink the beer with the little "U" on the bottle. Is Paris burning? Who cares.


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