"Racist" Posters Terrorize Texas College

What does "racism" actually mean, if anything? The best answer is probably "Whatever the jewish nation-wrecker decides it does at this particular moment" but that's not exactly helpful as a definition for this bizarre and nebulous communist neologism. If it's defined as "Anything that represents White interests or White survival" you're probably as close to a working meaning as a non-talmudic scholar is going to get. It follows that the mere existence of Whites is "racist" and the only way to remove this kosher original sin is our destruction. If you think any of the above sounds exaggerated, consider this story from Texas State University where Whites made shocking and "racist" statements like "I don't want to die for a jewish nightmare state full of the brown slaves promised by the talmud."

Officials at Texas State University are looking into another cluster of racist posters that have been displayed across the school’s San Marcos campus.

We have indisputable proof that there are witches and evil root wizards here, in our holy community! They're ruining crops and making men impotent. Inquisitors and the Witch Finder General are looking into this problem.

The posters found on Monday included three separate prints from American Vanguard, a white nationalist group, with the headlines: “For a white America” and “We have a right to exist.”

The unclean meat doesn't want to die or become a hated minority! This is evil, another holohoax!

The third poster urged people to “Take your country back” and included the following paragraph:

Please brace yourself for highly controversial ideas that every sane person believed a hundred years ago, before the disastrous jewish century devastated the West.

“Look around white man. Is this the country your ancestors died for? Is this the country that you want your children to grow up in. Globalist traitors are destroying your race and heritage through open borders, affirmative action, and Marxist ‘political correctness’. This is only the beginning. Take a stand!”

We can't call any of this a lie, so we'll just declare it a crime.

In November, someone displayed a poster calling for the formation of “tar and feather vigilante squads to arrest and torture” university leaders “spouting off all this diversity garbage.”

LOL. Seems legit. Right wing tar and feather squads, coming soon to your jewish pound of flesh debt communist indoctrination center.

More popped up in December that urged people to report suspected “illegal” employees and students at the school.

Enforcing existing laws? Sounds like "racism" to me!

University President Denise M. Trauth sent a tweet around 6 p.m. on Monday acknowledging the posters.

Taking a break from the absolutely nothing she normally does to quickly condemn indisputable facts and common sense.

Careerist turd supports White genocide.

“I am aware of the fliers posted on campus. Staff is looking into it,” Trauth wrote.  

We'll find the heretics, don't worry.

“I personally find these fliers reprehensible,” she said. “Racial intolerance has no place at Texas State. These fliers are meant to divide us; please do not allow that to happen.” 

I personally find you reprehensible. 

Condemn White interests and take goofy "diversity" photos! Make big money!


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