That is Not Okay

Please listen to the following amazing video, which contains a short lesson in "White Man Bad" taught at a communist indoctrination center.

We start with the typical anti-White boilerplate and one has to marvel that people are actually paying large amounts of student loan shekels to sit and listen to this drivel. In other news the threshold for being a "wealthy" White has now been lowered to 50k a year. If that's total family income it's even more pathetic, but I think the sodomite lecturer is assuming all Whites are atomized childless individuals pursuing empty materialism and hedonistic nihilism like he is. Still, it's surprising to see the ranks of the Hero Proletarian decrease yet again. In twenty years any White that owns a shanty and has easy access to junkyards will be considered well off, if the current pattern holds. You could afford lunch and dinner, we can add decadent wealth to the list of illicit privilege you enjoy.

We get more effeminate queening from a man who has been entrusted with shaping the minds of young people, at great expense. Learn a trade, White man. It turns out that "people of color" are allowed to be sullen and ungrateful toward us and perhaps even violent if that shoe should fall. I'd like to remind you that your student loan can not be removed by bankruptcy. "Deal with it any way you want" is the advice given to the semi-human monsters that we've spent the last half century unsuccessfully attempting to transform into something approximating modern man.

Now we must divide the room between evil "White dudes" and noble and blameless tar people. Man, this cultural marxism, it's really bringing us together. Here's my kosher credit card number, tell me more, mentally defective buggery enthusiast. Professor Faggot at least concedes that Whites are "in power again." Yes, you lost. You're on the wrong side of history. I can't believe you're saying these things in Current Year. Unable to Even. Wow, just wow.

Time for muh communist delusion. Direct State violence! Right wing death squads! Muh Obongocare! It's really amazing how much even the most mild nationalist ideas terrify our enemies. In any case, our light in the loafers instructor saw "swastikas," correctly made, no doubt, and this is proof of something, not sure what. Also, kids shouting "White power!" Oy vey, the goyim are expressing healthy pride in their own race! Shut. It. Down.

Suffice it to say, this is "Not okay." Not sure if sodomite or just bog-standard millennial crybaby. This is not "muh democracy." Yeah, it sure isn't democratic when normal White America is allowed to vote and then votes their own interests. In the interest of a free and open society we must silence all dissent. For "democracy" to triumph you must shut up and die.

For communists still wondering why Trump won, listen to this verbal bowel movement again. There's your answer.


  1. "I'm a white dude, with lots of power .... the white males have a lot of power..." Asshole. I hope and pray he remembers all this "power" when he's getting the living shit beat out of him on the ground by a crowd of young thugs who have been angered by the kind of tripe that he and his ilk spew night and day "white supremacy, white privilege" etc. etc. I will pray this ass gets what's coming to him, instead of some innocent white guy who has absolutely no idea that HE is the walking target nowadays. This moron should be arrested. And for all the problems that follow normal working whites every day, every decade, from scum like him teaching LIES - he should be strung up high with a good thick rope or burned at the stake. Argggghhhhhh it makes my blood boil.


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