You Gotta Go, Pablo

I'm still not tired of winning. Our defeated brown enemies are gearing up for the day without immigrants (how about a hundred years or so without any?), another pathetic display that proves the old adage "You gotta go away before I can miss you." Fortunately, the removal process has begun. How to deport the millions of entitled, shrieking, criminal, filthy brown animals who are being assisted by vile chosenites embedded in a rotten system? The same way you do any job, one brick at a time. They have to go. If America is going to survive as a meaningful corporate entity we must restore national vision, national pride and national sanity. It's time to flush down the brown and the usual (((suspects))) are not happy.

A man who was brought to the country from Mexico illegally as a child and protected from deportation by the Obama administration may now be ejected despite committing no crimes, his lawyers say.

Hey, kids! There's what adults call a "logical error" that somehow slipped into the above paragraph! Can you find it?

Daniel Ramirez-Medina, a 23-year-old who has been in the US since he was 16, was arrested on Friday in his suburban Seattle home by US Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agents who were there to take his father.

Yes, an age sixteen sawed-off invader, as physically and mentally mature as it's going to get, is now considered a "child" for propaganda purposes. Literally deporting babies, another holohoax, the precious eleven million burrito enthusiasts lost. We're here for your worthless father, but we might as well remove your unwashed wretched refuse la-teen-oh body (Ah?) as part of the bargain. See how easy this is going to be, pessimists? With thirty of the brown aliens in one room we just need to know about one of them breaking our laws and the net can be thrown over the rest of the taco vote. 

Ramirez-Medina has a job, a young son, no criminal record and protection under Obama's Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program, Northwest Immigrants Rights Project legal director Matt Adams said.

The jew attorney with the assumed gentile name is right there (surprise!), but is completely helpless. You leave now, I theeeeennnkkk. The next step will be punishing the kosher wire-pullers that are enabling the rot.

Please ignore the jew behind the curtain.

However, according to a Monday court filing by his lawyers, the agents told him that even though he was a DACA recipient 'he would be arrested, detained, and deported anyway, because he was not "born in this country."'

We're making America great again. Don't let the door hit you on the way out, Juan.

Nah nah nah nah, nah nah nah nah, hey hey hey, goodbye.

Ramirez-Medina, who is being held in Tacoma, challenged his detention a Seattle court, saying that his Fourth Amendment Rights had been violated, Fox News reported.

Kids, here's another logical error for you to find.

He is constitutionally allowed to live and work in America so long as he satisfies DACA requirements, his lawyers say. His DACA status was renewed last year. 

Muh constitution, full of special rights for foreign opportunists. Recycle it into toilet paper, it has no meaning anymore.

She also said that he told agents he was a gang member, and based on those statements and being a 'risk to public safety,' he was taken into custody.

The whole "honest, hard-working natural conservative" lie rapidly unravels. Get 'em outta here!

 Eyyy, I have a job (in a gang).

That was dismissed by Mark Rosenbaum, one of Ramirez's lawyers, who said Ramirez 'unequivocally denies being in a gang' and is the victim of a witch-hunt.

Well, if you can't trust the jew attorney, who can you trust? Of course whether this piece of shit is in a gang or not is irrelevant, it still has to go.

Rosenbaum, who is also director of Public Counsel's Opportunity Under Law Project, added in a statement that the case is a black mark on the US's name.

We're starting to defend our borders again and remove may-hee-can drug mules. What a dark mark on an otherwise shining reputation for delusion and self-destruction. Come on, go back to quietly dying. You don't want to be called names by a jewish con artist who hates you, do you?

'Trust in our government depends upon the Executive Branch keeping its word,' he said. 'Bait and switch sullies the integrity of our nation's core values.'

I'm not sure what part of "they have to go back" your talmudic reasoning failed to comprehend.

'I don't think this has to do with any change in policy; I just think it was an enforcement procedure gone wrong,' Adams said. 'Hopeful they're going to come to their senses.'

Put that "immigration" shotgun back in your mouth shkotzim! Come to your senses and let us destroy your homeland with biological weapons from the third world!

President Donald Trump made illegal immigration a cornerstone of his campaign, saying he will build a wall along the Mexican border and deport millions of people.

High energy, the best deals and ideas.

Trump can withdraw the promised protection right away through an 'operational memo' because Obama implemented it through one, William Stock, president of the American Immigration Lawyers Association, said previously.  

Who would have dared to imagine a day when the mulatto sodomite's reign of dictatorial terror would help save our country.



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