A Teachable Moment

The phony hate crime serves a very important role within the mythology of our kosher State Religion. We are told Whites are evil, but all our lying eyes see is appeasement, wasteful spending and groveling capitulation, raising serious questions regarding the accuracy of this jewish libel. The obvious solution is for the traveling merchant to contrive an endless series of fictional morality tales starring long-suffering and noble "minorities" coming under attack by rabid White nawrtzees. So we get the "Hey Rabbi, watcha doin?!?" incidents, the evil Kanadian Konservative mad bombers that turned out to be a moose-limb hoaxer and today's story involving well-crafted swastikas and a non-White imbecile. Lies stacked on lies stacked on lies, a semitic ziggurat of reeking bullshit.

Officials with Lakeville Area Public Schools provided an update Tuesday after racist and anti-Semitic graffiti was found at Lakeville South High School.

It's funny how the "update" is always the same: it was a hoax designed to stir up anti-White hatred. Before the initial garment-rending outrage has even subsided another counterfeit "bias incident" falls apart and gets stuffed into the memory hole.

School officials say racist, anti-Semitic graffiti was found on bathroom stalls on Monday at the high school. District officials say the student was identified and will be subject to disciplinary action under the school district policy.

We have captured the root wizard responsible for your failing crops and will punish him severely as a message to all the witches, shape-shifters, voodoo practitioners and necromancers lurking within our blessed and holy community.

Officials with Lakeville South High School, with the permission from the student’s parent, identified the student responsible as non-Caucasian and having significant special education needs.

Whoops, the evil "racist" is a brown dullard. Nothing to see here, shkotzim! Did you know a jewish blogger was the victim of some minor internet trolling? Oy vey, the shoah lurking in online forms! I was called mean names six million times!

 Seems legit.

“While this does not excuse the student’s actions, the district believes it will help the community and others put this incident into perspective,” school officials said in a statement.

Since it was a tar-colored imbecile we'll just let it slide because that's how the rule of law should work.

District officials said the incident was very unfortunate and does not reflect the values or community at Lakeville South. They say it presents a teachable moment for students and staff, and a plan has been created to facilitate conversations about diversity with students and staff.

The important thing is it could have happened. Thanks to the pathology of a 55 I.Q. alien you're going to get a lot more indoctrination and "White man bad" lectures. This is highly logical.

First "racist" wires, now this.


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