Ain't That a Shame

Today's story from the Milwaukee zoo is a typical example of the War on Whites that has been raging in the ruins of fallen cities for decades. Despite fifty years of hand-outs, doomed programs, pathetic groveling appeasement, "fewer Whites in everything!" initiatives and general kosher weakness and delusion the Current Year negro is a dangerous failure. It turns out that complex biological units aren't dry erase boards that we can scrawl the instructions for basic civility on. The genetic alien is not an over-cooked White, it isn't a noble savage and it certainly isn't human. Every day they demonstrate why segregation existed in the past and why deportation to Africa must occur in the future.

Deshaun Scott, the 17-year-old police say was the triggerman in the shotgun slaying of city inspector Greg "Ziggy" Zyszkiewicz, shuffled through the prisoner's door to intake court Monday, a thin small boy, sockless, wearing flip-flops, seemingly swallowed by chains and an orange Milwaukee County Jail jumpsuit.

The tar monster is the real victim of a senseless and moronic crime against a White man. Look at how thin and small this anthropological curiosity is! Don't you feel bad, sending this "baby" who only killed one White into the merciless jaws of the "races" justice system? They might even force this piece of living dog shit to do a book report. It's not like we can bring back the Person Without Color it killed and look at how sad this monster looks. Turn it loose.

Scott was one of three charged Monday in Zyszkiewicz's homicide last week during an attempted carjacking. Scott, Qhualun D. Shaw, also 17, and Eric J. Smiley Jr., 21, are all named in the criminal complaint, and all charged with armed robbery, as parties to a crime.

The exciting "diversity" of the "carjacking gone wrong."

Look at all the remorse.

Zyszkiewicz, 64, was on duty Wednesday as a building inspector for the Department of Neighborhood Services when he was found dead in his car near N. 23rd and W. Cherry streets about 2 p.m.  He had been killed with a shotgun and was the apparent target of a carjacking attempt.

Be armed. Avoid the negro areas. Always be aware of your surroundings. If you see a brown face, assume the worst. You do not want to be part of the supporting cast of a "look at that poor little morlock" memory hole tale.

The three defendants, and two others not charged in Monday's complaint, were arrested after two separate vehicle pursuits that ended in crashes and foot chases, and "occurred within hours" of the shooting, Police Chief Edward Flynn said last week.

Crashing cars and the Jesse Owens act, chaos and death. The jewish biological weapon, brought here in kosher chains, sold for the shekels they worship, released to kill the hated shkotzim. Thank you merchant, you always have my best interests in mind!

"The two groups of individuals were together. ... They were all known to each other. They were looking to commit more crimes," Flynn said. "They were driving around on the lookout for other victims."

All against all, savages full of bad intentions and moronic plans to spread misery. We need a lot more of this in White neighborhoods. Do the "right thing" and die. 

All of them, ages 16 to 21, had criminal records.

I know, I was surprised too. I guess "Just don't do it again, okay?" isn't the powerful deterrent we thought it was.

On the morning of March 22, Scott, Shaw and Smiley were driving around in a 2010 Toyota Venza that had been stolen on March 1. Shortly before 11 a.m., they pulled into a gas station at N. 35th and W. Townsend streets and waited for someone to carjack. As a woman was fueling her 2015 Kia Soul, Smiley exited the Toyota, pointed a sawed-off shotgun at her and took off in the car, followed by the Toyota. 

This was caused by "racism," pilgrims, the police, muh slavery, lack of access to quality African Tree Hockey shoes, the inherent evil of Whites, high fuel prices, seasonable March weather, and not enough brown faces on the telavivision. 

 A victim of the undeclared and completely one-sided race war.

Smiley drove to his girlfriend's house in the 3000 block of N. 28th St., where he argued with her because she wouldn't let him take their 6-month-old son. While holding the shotgun in his other hand, he struck her in the face several times and bit her arm. After Smiley got back in the Kia to leave, she leaned into the car and tried to put it into park, but Smiley took off while she was hanging onto the steering wheel, dragging her in the street until she let go.

The rich tapestry of the negro experience. A dangerous animal leaves behind a bastard brood and a battered hoe, while White careerists discuss the virtues of a childless life. The "mule of the world" is nearly turned to pavement pizza by a stolen car. Democracy. We're all equal. 

Smiley reconnected with Shaw and Scott and all three were riding in the Kia when Scott saw Zyszkiewicz's silver Ford Mustang and said he would take it. The Kia stopped and Scott approached the Mustang with the shotgun. The others heard a shot then saw Scott running back toward the Kia and they drove off.

Low I.Q. Lack of future time orientation. Inability to connect cause and effect. Aggressive tendencies. Hatred for Whites born from jealousy and nursed by jewish propaganda. Here we are, approaching with a shotgun, the worthless monster that should start improving any day now.

Shaw later told police that Scott said he panicked and fired when Zyszkiewicz grabbed for him.  Zyszkiewicz died instantly from a wound to the head, according to the complaint.

Clearly the tar creature was acting in self-defense and our prisons are over-crowded and laws are "racist" and we could never lock up all these "African-Americans" and Whites are bad and need to die...

About four hours later, officers saw Scott driving the Venza near N. 26th St. and W. Auer Ave. and gave chase. After running several stop signs and lights, Scott crashed into a tree and fence. He and a juvenile climbed out of the sunroof and ran but were arrested.

Look at that boy run! How about a "scholarship" to play Africa Ball at a SEC (Systematically Excluding Caucasians) school?

Lucia Scott, who identified herself as Scott's grandmother, did not stay for the entire intake hearing. 


"Never in my life did I imagine he would be capable of such of thing," she told a reporter.  "He had no business being out there. He had no business with a gun." Zyszkiewicz's death, she said, her voice rising, "It's a shame!"

Yeah, it's really unfortunate. Say, is that "March Madness" on the talmudvision? Here, drink this booze. How about some pills, goyim? Maybe watch a shiksa get her rectum destroyed in kosher pornography? Don't you feel better?

The amazing "diversity" of Milwaukee "carjacking."


  1. I've seen more intelligence and 'humanity' in the faces of chimpanzees and gorillas than in the faces of the creatures shown above. You'd think that Ziggy would have known and taken appropriate precautions but the jew poison is powerful and only paralyses white minds.


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