Business Cards of Hate

The word "racism" means anything that represents collective White interests and our continued survival. Whites lived in fear of this goofy communist neologism for decades in the disastrous jewish century. We're finally starting to wake up and realize there are worse things that can happen than being called slurs by our enemies, such as being displaced and exterminated in our own homelands. Since there is no logical argument against White Nationalism our semitic enemy and their useful idiots can only continue to scream words that have lost all their power. We're going to restore our lands. The opinion of the jew and its dark biological weapons doesn't matter.

The Eastern Michigan University Police Department is investigating the who might have left behind a business card "advocating hate and racism" found Monday, March 20, inside Bruce T. Halle Library.

Yes, not only "hate," a word that has literally no meaning anymore, but also "racism!" The daily double of banal evil, oy vey, a rectangular paper holohoax right in our kosher fortress, the communist indoctrination center. Better get the police on this one right away, because leaving a business card for someone else to find is a felony if we don't like what's written on it, or at least it would be if we can finally completely gut muh constitution (don't worry, lots of progress is being made).

The card displays the words "Alt-Right" on one side, with "America was 90% white in 1950. It is now 60%." followed by "Make America Great Again," and "Trump is the first step. We're the next." There also are addresses to white nationalist websites provided at the bottom.

We're the vast Alt-Right conspiracy and you can't stop us. We could be in your cow college library, on your information superhighway, under your bed. The "hate" is coming to get you, there's no place to hide, no "safe space" from the refined evil of "I don't want to die for the jew." We're going to expose you to vile truth statements about America's demographic meltdown and the need to resist it if Whites are going to have a future. Go to this website. Someone call 911! The wite debil be up in hee-ah!

Hate facts!!!!!!!!!111111oneoneone

The card was quickly removed once discovered. EMU President James Smith issued an email to faculty, staff and students on Monday, denouncing the card while assuring that the incident is a "high priority" for EMU police.
Time for some mouth flatulence from a sinecure scumbag! Tracking down the shkotzim who, if you want to get super technical, broke no law is the top priority now! Send out the helicopters and the Face Crime sensing dogs! Also your student loan pound of flesh can't be removed by bankruptcy, so don't get any funny ideas, goyim.

"I want to stress again, as I did last fall, that such attacks are hurtful to all of us in the campus community -- students, faculty and staff -- who work every day to make Eastern a welcoming and inclusive campus," Smith said in the email.

I like getting paid to do basically nothing, so I'll sell my soul to the jewish wire-puller and bleat out the most absurd and pathetic drivel if it means I can keep coasting through my meaningless and wasted life. Noticing White demographic collapse is clearly bad, it's the wrong thing to do, cut it out. Did I do well, merchant? Please tell me the shekels will keep coming in. How does it feel to betray everything that matters for the crumbs off the kosher plate Mr. James Smith, if that is your real name?

"These messages are not Eastern; they are not us. And they may not stop anytime soon, likely due to the actions of a few people who seek to divide our community and gain attention for their hateful messages," he added. "Indeed, these are polarizing times, calling for diligent work by all of us to further mutual understanding and support."

It's hard to imagine a paragraph more disingenuous than the above. Also, those "few people" are now enough to elect a President. We're getting stronger. We are the future.

Smith noted that previous incidents of racist vandalism that took place this past fall on the EMU campus remain under investigation, with a $10,000 reward in effect for information in connection with those crimes. 

Hey rabbi, etc.

Jew-promoted "You crakas bee duh debil!" speech is not "racist" or "hate."


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