Jew Behind Hate Crime Hoax

The international jew, the light of the world, is under threat from the cattle like never before. The unclean meat are kicking over gravestones and making menacing calls. Clearly, there is a massive underground of hate-filled, mouth-frothing nawrtzees secretly plotting another holohoax against g*d's favorite people. We must stop the goyim, open up that wallet you gentile scum. Then stupid old reality ruins another kosher con game. Oh well, we already got our shekels and forced "your" elected officials to bend the knee and bleat out compliance. No one will remember it was all a hoax, here drink this booze with the little "U" on the bottle. Watch some kosher pornography, stop wondering why it is never attacked by feminists, watch your Africa Ball. Forget what just happened, it's very important in proving what a good mensch you are.

A resident of Israel in his late teens with both American and Israeli citizenship is suspected of being behind a host of fake bomb threats directed at Jewish institutions and other targets worldwide.

A parasitical worm in America and a loyal Israeli dissembler for Big jew was behind it all. Remember all the "Oy, the Trump voters!" and "You need fewer rights!" wailing? It was a jew. Hey "dual-citizen" infiltrator, watcha doin'?!? They cry out in pain as they strike you over and over.

The cyberattack unit of Israel's fraud squad arrested the Jewish suspect, 19, on Thursday in wake of information it received from the U.S. Federal Bureau of Investigation and other law-enforcement authorities abroad.  

Your tax dollars at work. What will you do to stop these highly legitimate attacks on the only people who matter, Mr. Trump? Submit, submit. This massive waste of time and money, this excellent opportunity to extract degrading compliance from the ostensible rulers of a dying land, ends with the usual result. Now we'll just walk away whistling, nothing to see here, I'm really worried about Russians "hacking" muh democracy. You might want to ignore the front page story from London, shktozim. Europe is not becoming Africa and we're not behind it, it was "Asians," yellow peril, that sort of thing.

Attorney Galit Bash, who represents the suspect, said that "this is a young man without a criminal record who from a young age suffers from severe medical problems. There is concern that his medical condition affects his cognitive functioning.

I'm sure similar excuses would be made if the "suspect" was one of those mythical White not-sees that seem to exist only in Harry Potter spin-off movies.

"Therefore, we asked the court to order that the young man be referred to a medical examination. The court accepted our claims and instructed the police to examine the young man's medical condition."

The anti-White hay has already been made, let's quickly get this little embarrassment into the memory hole while the people g*d didn't choose are still watching their amazing "March Madness" jumping monsters.

The suspect was brought before Judge Amit Michles, who said that "I believe there is reasonable suspicion to link the suspect to actions attributed to him. 

Yeah. No shit.

Last month, a former reporter was arrested for his role in a number of bomb threats against Jewish centers, allegedly done as part of an ongoing attempt to shame his former girlfriend.

The black lives matter moose-limb negro nazi. 

U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions said on Thursday the arrest in Israel reflected the government's determination not to tolerate hate crimes.

The important thing is it could have happened and we'll continue to battle witchcraft, evil eye and root wizards with every resource we have. Looks like those reports of "racist" Jeff Sessions were wildly optimistic. Today he showed himself just another jew suck-ass by spouting the same empty, careerism protecting nonsense before his masters.

"The Department of Justice is committed to protecting the civil rights of all Americans, and we will not tolerate the targeting of any community in this country on the basis of their religious beliefs," Sessions said in a statement. "I commend the FBI and Israeli National Police for their outstanding work on this case."

This is definitely the correct lesson to draw from this semitic fraud. Would you please shut the fuck up while I still have some respect left for you.

Anti-Defamation League CEO Jonathan Greenblatt also responded to the arrest. "While the details of this crime remain unclear, the impact of this individual’s actions is crystal clear: These were acts of anti-Semitism. These threats targeted Jewish institutions, were calculated to sow fear and anxiety, and put the entire Jewish community on high alert."

This comment suggests that they actually caught an evil White goose-stepper and not another member of Greenblatt's criminal tribe. Does reality and what actually happened even matter anymore? I guess not. Kiss that tuckus, Sessions. Now we'll get a "goyim bad" lecture from a jewish grifter. They're not even putting any effort into the lies anymore. You're too scared for your careerism and empty materialism to say anything, gentile.

Full Story.

These threats targeted Jewish institutions, were calculated to sow fear and anxiety... 


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