Mexican Waste Flows into U.S.

If you're White the traveling merchant encourages you to care about the "environment" and runs various related con games that can be boiled down to demands that we give up our remaining rights and whatever modest luxuries we can still afford. Turn in your car and flush toilet, goyim! We have to save our mother, the Earth. Also, be sure not to have children! While Whites are following this terrible semitic advice, millions of gallons of literal may-hee-can shit are pouring into the river that forms a natural open border with our worthless, filthy and inept enemies to the south. The silence from the "Tree Rights" morons is deafening, but then again this sickness was always aimed solely at Whites. Just like the sodomite agenda, the "tolerance" slow suicide, the materialism metastasis and so many other kosher buncos.

A stench in Southern California began in Mexico when 143 million gallons of sewage leaked into the Tijuana River, according to the findings in a new report. The spill reportedly resulted from a damaged pipe on the Mexican side of the border.

Instead of the usual sawed-off enemygrant sewage we get the literal variety courtesy of our dysfunctional third world neighbor. Eyyyy, deee piiipes brreeeeekk, eye theeeeeennnkkkk. If we fail to restore our nation this sort of disgusting failure will become commonplace here, too. This is the end game of "diversity." Juan's liquid waste pouring into our fresh water. Here for a better bowel movement, natural plumbers and conservationists, fouling the rivers that Americans won't. White Nationalism: a position that makes common sense and will keep la-teen-oh defecation out of your water.

Mayor of the city, Serge Dedina, shared the report online, describing it in a Facebook post as “the largest spill of raw sewage into the Tijuana River in at least over a decade and possibly longer.”

This is the worst sickening "dreamer" pollution in ten years! I know that doesn't sound like a very long time, but keep in mind we're talking about the dirtiest "humans" on the planet. Even a higher functioning negro would look at this and say "Sheeeit, dat be nas-tee, mudda fudda." For the may-hee-can rat midget, this is business as usual.

Residents in the area told the San Diego Reader that the stench was “putrid” and “like ammonia from toilet cleaner in our eyes,” while another local, Crystal Sander, said it was “so bad” she was “heaving from the smell.”

Diversity is our greatest strength. Think of the putrid odors and involuntary spasms you'd be missing out on!

Caution, natural conservatives and love acts ahead.

“What I am worried about is that now with US-Mexico relations at a new low, this could be the new normal – in which our US-Mexico Water Treaty Minute 320, in which sewage spills are supposed to be reported, are covered up,” Dedina wrote on Facebook.

We'll defeat the new American sanity movement by pouring vile fluids into border rivers! This should win over Sally Soccermom, once she gets done heaving. "Not sending their best," takes on a new, vomit-provoking meaning. Yeah, good luck Pablo, you're going to need it.

The IBWC's Lori Kuczmanski has said the Mexican Section of the commission has been asked to investigate their wastewater utility CESPT (Comisión Estatal de Servicios Públicos de Tijuana) in an attempt to “correct the problem."

They responded by grabbing their crotches and making obscene gestures. We need more of this in Middle America.

Natural environmentalists.


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