The Great Religion

As you probably already guessed I'm a deeply spiritual person (But not religious! Religion, and the traditions and customs that come with it, are bad, especially for Whites). It's probably not a big surprise, then, that I converted to Islam. It's the Right Thing to Do and it will make that whole "death of my homeland" pill go down a lot easier, let me tell you. I mean, a billion people, almost none with an I.Q. over 100, can't all be wrong, logically speaking. It's time to get on the winning team.

I got down in the dog posture, pressed my head into the ground, elevated my rear end and waited for the light show to start. Suffice it to say, I was not disappointed. I felt a grumbling in my stomach, which could only be the snake idol in the stone cube directly communicating to its mortal slave. It certainly wasn't the bagels I had for breakfast or the kosher franks for lunch. I had tapped into the One True God and His Prophet Mohammad (pbuh). From now on this blog will be devoted to posting my favorite Hadiths, coming up with suggestions on how best to destroy archeological treasures we find offensive and lots of "marriage" tips for my swarthier fellow jihadists.

Schwarzmann? Must be German.

In this small town of a hundred-thousand residents, folks are used to being accused of living under Sharia law, of living in a place called everything from “Little Baghdad” to “Dearbornistan.”

We, the folks on g*d's green earth, doing the right thing, this is not who we are. It sure is a shame so many Whites have racist ideas about my peaceful religion, good thing they'll be gone soon, Allah willing.

This is all thanks to the Fox News filter put on a city that embraces its Arab-American and Muslim minority population.

If there's one thing the mainstream media promotes, it's massive prejudice against the best faith ever.

But what would it look like if the rest of America followed Dearborn’s example? What if, instead of trying to make Dearborn like the rest of America, the rest of America looked like Dearborn?

We can only hope and keep bowing down to a giant rock.

First off, the education system in America wouldn’t be broken. Dearborn invests heavily in education, consistently raising the funds necessary to have a nationwide-leading schools.

Did you know that Islam invented math and the printing press? We wuz Sultans.

Fordson High School on Dearborn’s east end is consistently praised for beating the odds and sending Dearborn’s poorest students off to Yale, Harvard and top schools nationwide in disproportionate numbers.

This has nothing to do with preferential admissions so don't get any weird ideas. Omar and his cool clock got into the Ivy League on pure merit.

Dearborn just recently opened a large new rail and bus transit center. Dearborn’s malls and downtown businesses weathered the recession better than other Detroit suburbs because of its embrace of mass transit.

Finally I can combine my love of mass transit and the rich slice of high-trust modern life it provides with my moon worship.

Problems with the Veterans Administration? If America looked a little bit more like Dearborn, that wouldn’t be an issue.

We could end that whole "War on ISIL" by letting them win, if we only looked a little bit more like Dearborn.

And Donald Trump? Yeah, that guy wouldn’t have any political future here.

Common sense immigration reforms? No thanks, I believe in the steady Islamic conquest of the entire world and everyone else should, too.

Arab Americans make up about 44% of Dearborn residents, but make up a smaller proportion of the active voters - and many Arab Americans are not Muslim, a common misconception.

You dumb kuffirs and your bizarre misconceptions about the Middle East being dominated by Islam. You need to educate yourself, you ignorant bigot.

In reality, it’s because the broad-majority of Dearborn residents are committed to equality. Oh, and they’re Democrats, through-and-through.

Maybe you shouldn't ask us how we feel about sodomites, but otherwise, go Donkey Party!

When politicians try to make Islamophobic statements, residents come together and protest.

If you don't like me you've got a mental illness! The Soviet Jew taught us that trick. Pretty cool, huh? Nice rhetorical device, Omar! Want to bring it to the White House?

Just think of how far ahead we’d be as a country if we were following Dearborn’s lead!

We could match other Earthly paradises like Pakistan and Somalia!

And yes, if America looked like Dearborn, we’d have a lot more love and spiritual energy.

My first time at the Mosque the Arabs (many of whom aren't Muslims, you hater) were hugging me so hard around the neck that I nearly turned blue from all the affection! Talk about your spiritual (not religious!) energy! I felt faint! Then they started giving me cool "high fives" to the ears and face before taking off their shoes and offering them as presents by throwing them right at me, such was their boundless charity for their fellow human work unit. The love, man, just amazing.

The Dearborn Area Interfaith Council regularly hosts gatherings where Buddhists, Muslims, Christians and Jews gather to celebrate the many masks of God. 

The masks of g*d. Yeah, really. 

Wouldn’t you love to see an America where Muslims, Jews and Christians prayed together? Well, you can find it in Dearborn.

I dream about this every night, waking up to ruined sheets afterwards. Imagine a Jew and their supernatural dress-up version of the divine joining the cucktian in one of our conquest buildings! So beautiful.

I’ve often said it: When the rest of the world looks like Dearborn, they’ll call it “peace.” And hey - maybe the world’s not ready for it yet. But instead of asking Dearborn residents to be more like the rest of America, maybe America should consider being more like us.

Maybe you should be more like us. Perhaps this can be achieved through some sort of kosher coercion?

I know it's early, but I don't post on weekends.

As an added bonus, here's a quick analysis of the worst Google doodle I've seen in at least a few weeks. Look at this p.o.s.

Say hello to the ugly future, goyim! Crippled in body, mind and soul, an ugly lineup of broken humanity and the one relatively healthy person who just happens to be a member of that special tribe. We start with a mystery meat in a wheelchair being ignored by the rainbow coalition who are all facing toward the jew in the center. Sorry about that whole broken spine thing, kid, but you barely rate on the progressive stack compared to moose-limbs, cross-dressing freaks, sodomites and negroes. Next is the White male sodomite, the only acceptable depiction of a White male in today's jew controlled media. His head is bowed in submission while hijab-head laughs at his weakness and coming apartment house roof ride.

In the center is, of course, the animal that is more equal than others, looking to the side in a knowing glance toward the completely broken racial grab-bag her fellow nation-wreckers unleashed. Her eyes are blue, probably in service of the "As a fellow White..." kosher deception. Contrast Yentl to the Cucktian girl, again looking down as a sign of weakness and also sexualized in a short skirt to make it clear that she's available for the tar creature pressing in next to her.  Sandwiched between mystery meat Buffalo Bill and a monster from Africa, she does not have a happy future.

Finally, we have Citizen Cane. Limping ain't easy, I guess. In the background unseen figures, the faceless slaves promised by the talmud, flash satanic hand gestures in pathetic allegiance to the profound evil behind this rot.

This is ugly and sickening jewish propaganda. All the figures were selected and positioned for maximum impact. There's nothing subtle here, they're not even trying to disguise the destructive agenda.  It just keeps getting more and more blatant. Miscegenate. Bow to the jew. Have your rectum damaged. Chop off your penis. Welcome the invaders. Die. 

We must continue to resist the globalist nightmare state the international jew is planning. We must save our people. 


  1. It certainly looks grim and the kike Sauron is cackling in glee at its imminent victory. However, the future isn't written in stone and the parasitic life form always overplays its hand. Despite the widespread degeneracy there is increasing awareness. It becomes ever more difficult for the cowards and liberals to remain blind. No doubt, there is going to be vast bloodshed and suffering but the natural order will prevail eventually and the Google line up will end up in the pit before the bulldozer fills it in.

  2. Why do White people fear the Moon Gods? Why look at Saudi Arabia. After White men discovered oil and jews handed it to Arabs to screw the West over, they went from a desert to a diseased mudhole in the middle of the desert. Sure they have no real freedom or rights, but the Royal Family that may or may not be jews (though they probably are) live well. And the slaves are sometimes fed too. Sure the price of gas is high and the Kingdom mired in debt, but that's not too bad for the 8th Century. It only took Hundreds of Billions of petrodollars paid by White people. Every year.

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