A Well-Deserved Break

Remember that truck attack in Sweden? You know, where some Asian guy or whatever drove down an undocumented highway and I guess bumped into a few cattle? You can be forgiven if you've already put it in the old memory hole, what with sad-faced sand babies and the need for war with Russia dominating the news cycle. After all, when that sheet of atomic fire is rushing toward you it's not like you're going to have time to dwell on every minor little incident in Scandinavia. Still, I persisted. It appears we're finally starting to identify the mangled bodies and the results might surprise you if you've been on a vacation in Tibet for twenty years.

A Belgian psychologist and mother-of-one who worked with asylum seekers facing deportation has been named as the latest victim of Friday’s jihadi atrocity in Stockholm.

Do-gooding, weakness, appeasement and cowardice are not going to spare you from the sword of jihad. She helped the dark army invade the West. A sand monster turned her into a pavement Picasso. There might be some lesson here, I just can't put my finger on it.

Maïlys Dereymaeker, 31, was waiting for friends from work on the corner of Drottninggatan and Olof Palmes gata when the terrorist struck.

If it makes you feel better we made a giant, ugly memorial on that corner that is currently being placed in the garbage, where it belongs.

It took forensic experts two days to identify her mangled body from DNA samples.

Diversity is our greatest strength.

Ms Dereymaeker, who was from the small town of Lembeek near Brussels and had an 18-month-old toddler, worked with illegal immigrants facing deportation like her killer, Rakhmat Akilov.

Like rain on your wedding day. A White child is deprived of a mother, but she was already lost.

The psychologist and music enthusiast was in Stockholm for a well-deserved break with friends from work. 

Jew psychology and jungle music, a life wasted on vile kosher evil. Let me help you destroy my homeland, moe-ham-head. A well-deserved death.

Promoted moon cult invasion, was killed by a moon cultist.

The mayor of Lembeek, a neighbourhood in the Belgian city of Halle, southwest of Brussels, told the Belga news agency: ‘I met her several times. I know her parents very well. They are very nice people who have lived in Halle for a long time.’

This should be every White person's goal: to be considered "nice" by some minor local apparatchik. "I don't really remember what she looked like or anything, but I guess she was helping in the demographic destruction of our nation and I have to approve of that if I want to keep my petty little sinecure."

Mr Pieters added: ‘I'm shocked after each attack, but when you put a face on a victim and personally know her parents, it's even worse.’

Oh well, back to welcoming another wave of enemygrants from the horror of those unhappy desert spawn and the airfields we damaged in a fit of impotent, jew-instructed stupidity.

Today, as Sweden held a minute's silence for the victims, politicians demanded greater powers to monitor failed asylum seekers.

Stand back everyone, Sweden is about to get tough! Fear the wrath of the awakened Varangian warrior! We're going to make it slightly harder for the worst available mudslime rapefugees to stay in our country after they've been formally rejected.

The fanatic, who killed four in Friday's carnage, told the Swedish Migration Board that he had been arrested during a demonstration and was subsequently tortured by police for nine days. However, a medical examination showed that torture had not taken place. 

I'm starting to see why Europe must make this fundamental transformation into multi-culti if it's going to survive. This worthless monster even made up phony hate crimes. Rich and vibrant, unlike stiff and boring Whitey who stays on the road.

A court also questioned his version of events, saying that his description of conditions in prison was too vague. He was unable to describe its appearance and anybody who was in prison with him.

 "Ugly brown faces full of hatred for their feckless benefactors" would have been an adequate description.

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  1. "Pavement Picasso" You're descriptive powers are quite impressive. What a nightmare.


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