Africa Ball Animal Pimps Cheerleader

Whites need to participate in sports and physical self-improvement. I recommend weightlifting, mixed martial arts and aggressive team sports like rugby and hockey. There are massive benefits to this training, to say nothing of the practical consideration of being prepared for the troubled times that lie ahead. Please note that "participate" is the operative word here. It's time to turn off the electronic synagogue and stop worshiping negro criminals because they can run with a ball for a few seconds. Rejecting kosher sports idolatry is an important step on the road back to spiritual health for our people. Stop being a cuckold for the jew-ball monster. Stop cheering the death of White America.

Former Oklahoma Sooners defensive back Lawrence “L.J.” Moore was arrested last week after being accused of pimping for ex-Sooners cheerleader Micah Madison Parker.

A creature straight from a nightmare once attended an institution of "higher learning" because it could knock over other morlocks or make another three fifths person "hurry." I sure hope the negroes playing for Red beat Blue's negroes. Now that the pathetic White worship has stopped, this dangerous "scholar athlete" reverts to more typical negro behavior. Time to pimp dat snow hoe.

The officer arranged a meeting with Parker at a local hotel after connecting on Parker allegedly offered sex in exchange for $200.

Two Benjamins to rent out a completely debased White woman, another forgotten victim of the equality cult, the "look at that boy run" fascination and the general descent into a vile jewish swamp of degeneracy and evil.

After vice detectives arrived on the premises to take Parker into custody, the affidavit claims, Parker attempted to toss several cellphones into the toilet.

On tonight's episode of "Alternate Universe Hillary Clinton."

Marijuana and a green substance, which contained a strong odor believed to be codeine, also were discovered in the room.

Dope and a brown substance, believed to be a genetic alien from the African sewer.

Through social media exchanges and calls from jail, authorities deduced that Moore, 22, allegedly was involved in the prostitution of Parker. He later was arrested after attempting to pick up her car from the hotel.

The 90 I.Q. Sherlock Holmes cracks this incredibly complex case.

Cheerleader falls straight into the miscegenation abyss.

Parker, the daughter of Oklahoma’s cheerleading coach, has had several run-ins with the law in recent years. She is currently on probation stemming from a 2015 guilty plea to DUI and driving under suspension, per The Parker was also wanted following probation violations, according to JohnTV.

Send your daughters to the communist indoctrination center! Encourage them to idolize dangerous and idiotic living fossils! What could possibly go wrong?

Moore played in 13 games for OU during the 2013 season.

Wow. Thirteen entire games. What a hero.

Look at all the "diversity."


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