Jew Politician Celebrates White Suicide

Please watch the following amazing video. Be sure to copy and spread, I doubt it will be on jewtube for long.

You are listening to a speech from Evil Party representative Richard Fochtmann (Fochtmann? Must be German). This piece of semitic shit "well, ums" his way into what is sure to be an inspiring speech from the Light of the World. Here is the banality of evil as this piece of human waste can barely manage any enthusiasm for the hateful drivel about to be vomited out. We are assured that this "fellow White" has been thinking hard about the issues. I somehow doubt it. Please share your gray ponytail wisdom with the shkotzim, I'm sure you've got all the answers.

It turns out we need "younger people." If only there was some way for White couples to create these fabled people of non-geriatric age, but apparently there isn't so we better open the floodgates to the third world. Somehow the brown metastasis has solved the "not enough bodies" problem that is currently destroying the West. We also need "more women." Muh brown youth and muh vagina of color, the twin cornerstones of wise policy. We still can't figure out why Trump won, it's an impenetrable mystery. Maybe we need to reach out more to may-hee-can illegal invaders?

This is no mere Donkey Party delusion session, however. The chosenite speaker mentions how he heard a lot of "White men were committing suicide." His reaction to this silent disaster is "Yeah! Great!" The kosher mask falls away. They want us dead. We are in a struggle against the most vile and satanic evil imaginable. Remember this video when you hear "The jews are White, too!" from half-awake "conservatives." Remember this video when you sit down in front of the talmudvision to watch the Africa Ball or the kosher pornography. Remember this video when the enemy is wailing for mercy after we've defeated them. This is the truth hidden behind fake smiles, drawings of bombs and high-interest loans. They think it's funny that Whites are dying from despair and drugs.

The jew speaker wonders if he should be saying this in public. Over fifty years of jewish control of the media, the banks, the schools and our government made it possible. Here is the end game of tolerance: "We're killing you, hahahahahaha!!!" It was all a lie. Diversity means fewer Whites. Immigration means White demographic replacement. "Multi-culti" means White genocide. They're not even concealing it anymore.

Which way, White man? The pills, the heroin and meth, the jew-created spiritual sewer and a shotgun in your mouth? How about the slow suicide of careerism, materialism, no children and "doing the right thing?" Are you content to be the punchline for a tasteless comedy routine from the traveling merchant? Make your choice now, or it will be made for you. We must restore our health in mind, body and spirit. We must reject the planned demolition of our homelands. We must save our race.


  1. Hubris has always been a problem for the kikes. They sense that their goal of total power is becoming possible and that their hated enemy, the whites, is on the way out. It seems safe to come out from behind the curtain so many of them are and they are letting the mask drop. They think that they may soon get into the position that their cousins achieved in Russia in 1917 and in Germany in 1945 where they could slaughter us with abandon. Only this time it's with all whites everywhere. However, the future isn't written in stone and they may overplay their hand yet. It's possible that this vile parasitic life-form may yet get its 'holocaust', a real one this time.


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