New York Jews Battle Homeless Shelter

All the evils of the modern world painfully birthed during the disastrous jewish century are for Whites and only Whites. Careerism, materialism, "doing the right thing," open borders, feminism, miscegenation, the sodomite agenda, marxism, nihilism...all of these kosher tumors found healthy tissue to attack in White countries. The only purpose of these vile attacks is to eventually bring about White genocide, which is why no one bats an eye at Saudi Barbaria being placed on a globalist woman's rights commission or Israel demanding to stay homogeneous forever even as Europe is flooded with rapefugee invasion columns. If you notice this weaponized hypocrisy you're a "racist" and an "anti-semite," so please keep ignoring it and keep committing suicide.

The Jewish religious command to welcome the stranger has been front and center in the debate over President Trump’s travel ban. Now, it’s getting a workout — with an intensely local twist — in the ongoing controversy over Mayor de Blasio’s plan to locate homeless shelters in Crown Heights, home to the Chabad-Lubavitch movement as well as a growing influx of non-chasidic Jews. 

Suddenly "bring in all the moose-limb scum" and "it's the right thing to do" go out the window when g*d's chosen people are hit by some of the spill-over from our national collapse. Here's your chance to rub elbows with the future brown slaves promised by the talmud, but surprisingly the Light of the World isn't interested.

As locals hotly oppose the two new facilities — a 104-bed men’s shelter at 1173 Bergen St. and a 132-family shelter at 267 Rogers Ave. — Jewish residents struggle to balance the injunction to care for the poor with fear of increased crime. 

Your jew neighborhood has not yet learned to be "multicultural." It's going through the throes of a transformation that must take place. Chosen-town is not going to be the monolithic society it once was during the jewish century. They are going into "multicultural" mode.

“We have to approach this whole thing with compassion for these families,” said Eli Cohen, director of the Crown Heights Jewish Community Council, a social service organization representing 60 Jewish congregations in the neighborhood. That said, he is concerned with new shelters will correlate with a “high incidence of crime.”

When the gentile raises similar concerns it's "hate." When the traveling merchant does it, it's just a concern over correlations, very sensible and scientific. Suddenly emotional arguments (Look at this poor child!) and name-calling (Racist!!!) are off the table. I wonder why.

Baruch Herzfeld, 45, a member of the growing Modern Orthodox community in the neighborhood, said that while he “doesn’t have a problem with the shelter,” he doesn’t trust the city to fairly distribute shelters or manage them effectively.

Oy, I've got no problem with the rot we created being vomited all over the shkotzim but these pieces of unclean meat don't belong in my backyard. Let's "fairly distribute" the human garbage into the Whitest possible areas.

Herzfeld’s house is around the corner from the men’s shelter set to open on Bergen.

Get ready to be enriched, Baruch! After all, every human unit is full of special value, we're all equal and "diversity" is a mighty strength. You do believe that, right? I mean, you're always preaching it. Let's put your corner down for a few dozen negro crackheads. Enjoy!

He stressed that safety is not his concern. “I support homeless shelters, as long as they are fairly distributed and the community maintains some sort of oversight or control,” he said.  

I support the death of America, as long as us rat-people are safely insulated from it with walls and guns, things you goyim should not be permitted to have.

Let's put you down for a couple million "women and children" fleeing "war."

David Spencer, 32, a Crown Heights resident for the past decade who considers himself part of the Modern Orthodox and Chabad communities, voiced strong support for the shelters, though he was among the few interviewed by The Jewish Week who did.

Most of the jews don't want to experience the wonders of our globalist salad bowl. Even those allegedly in favor of the encroaching darkness offer tepid support, at best. I know, I was surprised too. It's almost like they've been intentionally deceiving us for profit all these years.

Yossi Stern, 47, former head of the Crown Heights Safety Patrol, one of the first Jewish crime patrols in the country, said he fears a homeless shelter that hosts families short-term will “continue the cycle of poverty and eviction.”

That's racist. You're an ignorant bigot, Yossi. Shame. Shame. Shame.

“As an Orthodox Jew, I can’t oppose a shelter. But we as a community [have] a responsibility to rehabilitate families, and that requires a longer-term solution.”

Yes. Let's start working on a "longer-term solution." I've got lots of good ideas.

Time to put your shekels where your mouth is.


  1. We can bet, however, that most whites won't even think of pulling up hymie for his blatant hypocrisy. Unless whites begin to think of themselves as whites and act only in their own interests they will not survive. 'Is it good for whites?' must be the law we live by. If it isn't we must resist it to the death. Unfortunately, the vast majority of our race are a million miles from that mentality.


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