Rapefugee Defeats Three Swedish Police Women

Please watch the following amazing video. Be sure to copy and spread it far and wide, I doubt it will be up on Jewtube for long.

We start with some "Is this Africa?" footage of the Swedish rot. Apparently the magical soil is not turning the moon cult aliens into good little Swedes, imagine that. Instead, a man of "Asian" descent wanders about aimlessly, picking up objects from the ground while its fellow aliens record this important glimpse into the staggering value of diversity and the impressive competitive benefits (Muh GDP!) it has for the host countries. Imagine another million new moe-ham-heads milling around and picking up rocks, this is the best way to compete in an increasingly technological and high complexity marketplace. We need a lot more people and if they happen to be moronic and dangerous outsiders who resist even the most modest attempts at assimilation, so much the better.

There is a snake in this paradise, however, as the foreign invader rushes toward a police car, a symbol of the "races" native population that must be destroyed so we can have some mild praise carved into our tombstone, and flings a stone at the windshield, shattering it. Don't worry, you'll get the bill Swedish tax payer. The lady officers display the "butt-kicking woman" archetype we've grown accustomed to from jewish movies by shrieking helplessly and retreating from the desert monster. I feel like I'm watching the trailer for Wonder Woman or something. So empowering. No children. Charged with babysitting the Camp of Saints. Totally ineffectual. Maybe kosher feminism wasn't entirely honest.

Another man rushes in and bails out the legitimate authorities, at least temporarily, by putting the moon cultist in a body lock and allowing Sweden's Angels to regroup and try to put the cuffs on the "widow" who was fleeing "war." One of the she-cops steers their savior away, probably explaining to him that they had it under control, everything was going according to plan and don't worry, I was trained in self-defense in Finland. Suffice it to say, the sand monster promptly overpowers all three ladies, yelling "Allahu Akbar." Another victory for the multi-cult, so vibrant and exciting, not like stiff and boring White males. The bodies start hitting the floor. Nothing wrong with The West. Something's got to give.

The enemygrant picks up another rock and the Blue Lives that Matter scatter like quail. We have no answer to your awesome Stone Age technology, technology that is immediately deployed in further smashing the car's windows while the strong patriarchy destroying wymyn retreat to a safe distance and watch helplessly. The foreign opportunists recording this prattle away in their animal language, probably wondering why a country would voluntarily destroy itself. Welcome to Sweden in 2017. Welcome to hell. The sand monster bends down, possibly to slowly drain the air out of the cruiser's front tire. He could easily do it, the representatives of a dying nation have surrendered.

Bored with the vandalism, the criminal outsider casually walks away, the rule of law thoroughly defeated. A coal-black hand is visible on the windowsill above, another reminder of the coming dark nightmare. A nation that can't defend itself, can't defend its borders, has no future. We were afraid of being called names. Eventually the pussy patrol slowly "pursues" the long-gone mahound cultist. R.I.P. Sweden.


  1. The kikes view the effects of their mind poison on the Swedes as a crowning success. Unless the white race can develop an immunity to it we will all end up like these degenerate descendants of the Vikings. The smirking yid stands at the edge of the pit waiting to put a bullet into the back of our heads.


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