Space For Tribal Warfare

Following a failed jewish attempt to canonize a cigar thief and a disastrous "space to destroy" bongo party that fully revealed the content of their character, the city affectionately referred to as Bodymore, Murdaland has kept a much lower profile. The rule of law has eroded and the black lives that matter so very much are now providing a preview of what America will resemble after the collapse. Moronic genetic aliens are running wild in the ruins and the proper authorities can't intervene for fear of becoming the next two minutes hate subject for the ruling merchant. The rot devours everything, the long winter settles in, the search for "White man bad" phony outrages turns to more promising locales. Another chunk of our homeland is taken by the African Heart of Darkness.

For the first time in nearly 20 years, Baltimore reached 100 homicides for the year before the end of the April.

Must be some sort of weird coincidence, I sure don't see any cause and effect chain at work here. There's certainly no racial component. Unrestricted tribal warfare is just part of life in the big city, it's like the weather, you just have to learn to live with it. We could never stop all this negro pathology and it would be "races" to try, so just stand back and try not to get caught in the encroaching flames.

Among them was a fatal shooting near the Inner Harbor before daybreak Monday. As police discussed that case in the afternoon, a man was gunned down in East Baltimore, in the same block as a new senior center that was rebuilt after it burned while under construction during the rioting two years ago.

The circle of negro life, it moves us all. The big chimping riots, the rebuilding at your expense, the "man" getting made more aerodynamic by high velocity projectiles on the very spot where hope triumphed over the evil "five oh" who once tried to contain the full expression of alien genetics.

"We have to engage this community or it's going to continue to be a bloodbath," said the Rev. Donte Hickman, whose Southern Baptist Church built the $16 million center.

If we only talked about the Reverend Doctor Martin Luther King, Junior more it would solve everything. More community organizer sinecures, more corrupt "building funds" for "Baptist" hustlers, more waste and appeasement. The negro will get better tomorrow.

Baltimore, which experienced record-high per-capita murder rates the past two years, had not seen 100 homicides before the end of April since 1998. Just three years ago, it took until July 4 for the city to record 100 killings.

We had to wait for the negro fireworks on our patriotic Holy Day. And I'm proud to be a murrkwan, where at least I pay a fee. And I won't forget the dark monsters who died to extort this cash from me.

"We're continuing to do everything we can to impact that number so it doesn't continue to grow," said T.J. Smith, the chief spokesman for the Baltimore Police Department.

And by "everything" we mean "nothing."

He noted that the victims aren't just numbers but real people. The agency did not release names of any of the most recent victims.  

Real living fossils, each one a precious dark gift from g*d, good kids, turning that life around, 70 I.Q. evolutionary dead-ends full of potential.

Police said the 33-year-old victim was with a group who had left The Block, the city's adult entertainment district. A motive for the shooting was not known, but Smith groused that the strip club hub had been a "source of frustration" for police.

The rich tapestry of the negro experience. Making it rain up in da club, looking at dat juicy, providing a source of frustration for their zookeepers. Then it was time for a motive unknown shooting, costing us a valuable nightmare monster pervert whose coal-colored life has staggering value.

The block where the shooting occurred has been one of the city's most blighted but has been experiencing a rebirth with redevelopment and other projects in the works.

It resembles a South Sudan war zone, but it should start getting better any day now.

Hickman, pastor of the Southern Baptist Church, said the problems are no longer receiving the international attention they did after the unrest sparked by Freddie Gray's death from injuries sustained in police custody, but the underlying issues of poverty and injustice remain.

After a brief period of exciting decline and fall celebrity it's back to being a silent embarrassment and forgotten burden, just like Detroit and Chicago and Los Angeles and Atlanta and Milwaukee and Camden and...

"If we're just offering bars, abandoned properties and vacant houses, which contribute to an environment of poverty, we're perpetuating the criminal, violent ethos we're experiencing," Hickman said. "You're just mixing a number of volatile ingredients in a pot, and this is the stew you get."

Must be the "poverty" causing this. I was so poor I was making it snow in the adult entertainment district. A vacant house made me shoot a fellow tar creature. When I see a "lot for sale" sign it makes me want to blast the next nigga body (Ah!) I see sitting in a car.

Hickman also suggested that the Eastern District Police Station on Edison Highway be relocated to a more central location in the district, with recreational sports activities available for children to enjoy and get to know officers in a positive light.

The failed race and the occupying army, walking hand in hand down the center of the street. Let's go make some sizzurp together, maybe some of that "look at that boy run." This should solve that whole "lack of future time orientation" problem.

"The police department, quite frankly, has an almost impossible job," he said. "What can they do? Lock up more people? We need to situate them in a place where they can be a community agent and neighbor."

Maybe a giant net?

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Come back pigs, we dyin' hee-ah.


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