Stockholm Jihad

It's very important that we invade Syria, put an end to mean old what's-his-name and his arsenal of weapons of mass destruction chemical weapons, further destabilize the region, flood Europe with another million rapefugees and, after a decade of bleeding and dying for the jew, leave it far worse than we found it. If that doesn't seem like a convincing argument, I've got pictures of poor little sand person spawn that should inspire the proper kosher response of ill-directed violence. Then, when Whites start coming home in patriotic coffins or with shattered bodies and minds we can be content in the knowledge that the jew is very satisfied with its profiteering. Yes, this is definitely what I voted for. War for the nation-wrecker. Foreign invasion. And, of course, self-driving trucks.

A lorry has smashed into a store in central Stockholm, killing at least three people, Swedish police say.

Another "Maximum Overdrive" scenario for Europe. Diversity, the mighty strength. Multicultural mode, which we must enter to survive. Not monolithic, not anymore. The evil autonomous vehicle plows into the cattle. Motive unknown. We need more enemygrants, a lot more.

Swedish Prime Minister Stefan Lofven said everything pointed to an act of terrorism. 


The police have also released a grainy image of a man, who was caught on CCTV and is deemed a person of interest in the case.  

We can only assume it will be an evil blue-eyed viking devil, all hopped up on "alcohol culture."

Desperately seeking moe-ham-head.

The lorry was hijacked earlier on Friday, its owner said.

Apparently there actually was some human agency involved and not a magical self-propelled truck on "bad streets."

"Someone jumped into the driver's cabin and drove off with the vehicle while the driver was unloading," a brewery spokesperson told the TT news agency. 

I'm guessing this "someone" was of "Asian" descent.

Shots were reportedly fired in another part of the city, but Swedish police told local media there was no connection between the two incidents. 

That shooting was an entirely different outburst of mudslime pathology. The gratitude the moon cult shows for our endless suicidal altruism, it's really heartening. Inside every moose-limb Mad Moe driver is a good little European Economic Union work asset desperately trying to get out. We just need to keep offering gutless appeasement, it's clearly working.

Witnesses say the lorry drove into the front window of the Ahlens store. 

Here comes the diversity! Open wide!

Don't worry, the pussy patrol is on the case.

One eyewitness told the BBC she was in the shop's fitting room when she heard the screams. "There was blood everywhere," she said.

Pray for Stockholm, everyone! Light a little candle, stare at the wall. No, you don't have to put a flag filter over your jewbook duck-face selfie, we stopped doing that. The death of the West has a dignity all its own.

The shop sits close to the city's central station, which was evacuated.

It's just something you'll have to learn to live with. R.I.P. Sweden.

America really wants kosher regime change in Syria. NOT!


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