Baltimore: Negroes Fail to Get Their Learn On

When you start with the ridiculous assumption that a negro is just a White person who fell asleep in the genetic tanning bed massive cognitive dissonance is sure to follow. How can we explain the low intelligence, the violence, the inability to connect cause and effect and the general failure to meet even the lowest and most patronizing standards of civilized behavior when these are just Whites who were left in the oven too long and came out burnt? More and more elaborate contortions become necessary to maintain the equality delusion, while the rot silently devours. Witness Bodymore, Murdaland where entire schools serve no purpose other than to warehouse genetic aliens until they're old enough to enter prison and/or the welfare state. Barkevious isn't learning, we can probably blame that on "racism."

A Project Baltimore investigation has found five Baltimore City high schools and one middle school do not have a single student proficient in the state tested subjects of math and English.

Welcome to the jungle. Six practice prisons where not a single one of the tar creatures can read or do basic math. Maybe it's time to lower the standards. Again.

We sat down with a teen who attends one of those schools and has overcome incredible challenges to find success.

He informed us he would do anything for a "low nigga" and then discussed his well thought out future plans involving rap music, professional sports or incarceration.

Navon Warren grew up in West Baltimore. He was three months old when his father was shot to death. Before his 18th birthday, he would lose two uncles and a classmate, all gunned down on the streets of Baltimore.

The self-inflicted tragedy of the evolutionary dead-end. Looks like the new official policy of ignoring negro crime, allowing space to destroy and not enforcing the law isn't working as well as you might have predicted. The only humane solution is returning them to Africa.

We be drainin' dem societal resources an sheeet.

“I’ve lost a lot of people, so I’m used to it. It hurts,” Warren said. “I just chose not to show it. I just keep it in. You just have to live on and keep going on every day. You have to do it somehow.”

"Nigga bodies, Ah! Ah!" is translated into understandable English by our helpful fake news source. 

Despite his tremendous loss, Warren is set to graduate this year from Frederick Douglass High School. It’s a school where only half the students graduate and just a few dozen will go to college. Last year, not one student scored proficient in any state testing.

Remember, the obvious solution to this problem is wrong, so let's keep pretending we can't figure this one out. Maybe more appeasement and wasteful spending will help? How about moving them into White areas, like Idaho? Give them extra points on tests? Please note that despite having no academic aptitude whatsoever we're still sending some of these nightmare animals to "college." Yes, you really need to go to that communist indoctrination center, goyim. It's rigorous and stimulating coursework while surrounded by the best and brightest. You can't make that pound of flesh student loan debt go away with bankruptcy, by the way, so don't even think about it.

“That’s absurd to me. That’s absurd to me,” says Warren’s mother Janel Nelson. “That’s your teachers report card, ultimately.”

Dis bee sird mudda fudda. It bee dem teech-ahs fawlt an sheeet.

Project Baltimore found Frederick Douglass is not alone. Four other city high schools and one middle school also have zero students proficient.

...and I'm proud to be a Murrakwan, where at least I pay a fee...

The schools are:

    Booker T. Washington Middle School
    Frederick Douglass High School
    Achievement Academy at Harbor City
    New Era Academy
    Excel Academy at Francis M. Wood High
    New Hope Academy

LOL. Here's a list of the failed schools: Barack Hussein Obama Success and Hope Academy, Super High Standards Futurist High School, Nat Turner High School, Bright Future for a Civilization That Certainly Isn't Dying High, Kunta Kinte Accelerated Achievement House, Morlock Academy, etc.

High school students are tested by the state in math and English. Their scores place them in one of five categories – a four or five is considered proficient and one through three are not. At Frederick Douglass, 185 students took the state math test last year and 89 percent fell into the lowest level. Just one student approached expectations and scored a three.
She score low on dat aaahhhh. She not proficient on dat aaahhhh. She don't approach expectations on dat aaaaahhhhhh. 

Warren told FOX45, he believes zero students are proficient at Frederick Douglass, because the state tests are more advanced than what the students are learning in class.  

Yes, that seems as good an explanation as any. Now if you'll excuse me, fine sirs, I need to climb up on my desk and recite urban poetry about my penis.

Filled with moral virtue was his speech; And gladly would he learn and gladly teach.


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