Good News Monday: Robbery Gone Right

We live in a country with thousands of invisible borders, unmarked fractures between legacy America and the dark all against all imported from the African Heart of Darkness and the Latin American sewer. This is a problem that must never be discussed, let alone addressed in any meaningful way. It is simply the way it is and you better accept it if you want the crumbs to keep falling off the jewish plate. Flee from this rot, insulate yourself from it if you can, try to survive within it if you must, but always stay silent. Our country is healthy and has a bright future. The negro will get better tomorrow, the la-teen-oh is a hardworking and clean natural conservative. Watch the talmudvision, poison yourself with kosher narcotics, commit suicide. If you must venture into the smoldering ruins created by the disastrous jewish century you better be armed.

A pizza delivery driver shot and killed one of two teens who attempted to rob him Saturday night, according to police.

Those crazy "teens" and their wacky little pranks, like armed robbery. You were young once, right? I guess the midnight African Tree Hockey leagues aren't working.

Police said one of the teens was armed and fired at the delivery driver. The driver was also armed and fired back, fatally wounding the suspect. 

If you're still not sure if you need to buy a firearm and learn how to use it I'm not sure what else I can say to you.

Responding officers found the wounded teen, identified by the medical examiner's office as 16-year-old Wayne Delaney Osborne, of Mesquite, nearby. He was later pronounced dead.

A worthless criminal genetic alien is lost. Don't worry, there's plenty more identical looking and behaving pieces of "diversity" to replace this creature.

Nothing of value was lost.

The second suspect, also 16, was arrested and charged with aggravated robbery.

Now the "racist" justice system can attempt to rehabilitate this "child" by releasing it back into streets to cause more mayhem. 

According to police, the home was vacant and a "For Lease" sign was removed from the front of the house. Police believe the teens used the empty residence to lure the driver to the with plans to rob him. 

This is like a negro Manhattan Project. That 75 I.Q. must have been strained to the limit coming up with this clever trap. 

Jaden Frazier said he played pee-wee football with Osborne and the two were childhood friends. Frazier went to the shooting site Sunday after hearing the news and said he couldn't believe it was real.

Africa Ball hero and future "scholarship athlete" who is electricity on wheels catches a "forward pass" of hot lead. There will be no "tugs" in the Big Gayme, no blonde war trophies offered up by debased White sportsball cucks, no effusive praise from jew announcers. All it had to do was behave itself and a world of hand-outs, special preferences and terrified White cowards eager to offer up appeasement would have opened up. It couldn't help itself, though. It was a negro.

"Wayne was always in a good mood," Frazier said. "I mean, like everybody he got in trouble every now and then, but I would never know he would do something like that." 

Good boy, turning that life around. 400 Watt smile and sunshine dispossession when not pointing guns at strangers. About to go to college. Future aeronautical engineer, geologist or rapper. It was spreading the Gospel of Christ on the night it died. 

The owner of the Domino's on Galloway Ave. said it was a tragic situation for everyone involved, adding that the driver had been working for him for about 9 months. 

One jungle monster limited, another locked away. Sounds like a net win to me, not a "tragedy."

Driver's typically carry less than $20 in change.

If you were wondering how much your White life that doesn't matter is worth to the "African-American," here's your answer.


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