Jew Offended by Shorts

It sure is nice to have everything back to normal. There aren't any soldiers on my street, the meek complaints about unlimited foreign invasion have been silenced by the threat of prison, "my" team of negro athletes is on the talmudvision playing another team of negroes. The bottle with the little "U" on it is in my sweaty hand, my weak eyes passively absorb the jungle ball. Yes, all is well. Drift along in a coma of apathy and weakness until you're finally jerked awake by bombs detonating. Meanwhile, g*d's favorite people remain vigilant, finding secret and hidden "hate" in the least likely of places. While attempting to save some of the precious shekels it worships, the wandering exile confronted the face of evil. On a pair of shorts. At a Goodwill. This is another shoah.

Vadim Kolosov, a Jewish man who is originally from Russia, was shopping at a Goodwill store in Pasadena when he came across the pair of shorts displaying a swastika, CBS Los Angeles reports.

Vadim Kolosov, an alien parasite who was a destructive outsider in Russia and now America, is unhappy. Drop everything, the jew has a problem! This deserves to be international news.

Kosolov said he looked for a label, but that there was no brand name to be found -- just images of an eagle and swastika.  

There are no images of this highly dubious incident, so we can only assume that both were incorrectly made, as per tradition.

The fact that it was hanging there, it means that someone brought it," he told CBS Los Angeles. "It means that someone had the shorts in the first place. 

Oy vey, just hanging there like all the dead jews strung up by nawrtzees after they'd been put in the fire pits, gas ovens and electrical belt killing machines. Logically speaking, someone must have owned them at some time, which is an odd thing to remark upon, but I'm not chosen for anything in particular so it's not really my place to speak. Please help the whining merchant and its vile penny-pinching make a big deal about this.

Kosolov says the swastika is a symbol that touches him on a deeply personal level. Both of his grandmothers' brothers died during the war, and his great-grandfather fought against the Nazis.

All six of my grandparents up a chimney, my grandmother's brother's sister's elementary school best friend's babysitter turned into a lamp! To say nothing of the heroic Soviet soldiers, who, to the best of my knowledge, never committed any atrocities during Europe's Second Suicide Attempt.

Goodwill apologized for selling the shorts. In a statement, the organization said: "We receive about 7,000 items each day, so occasionally items slip through. We employ individuals with disabilities in our stores who may not have recognized that symbol."

Sorry Mr. Jew, it was retards that probably did this.

Kosolov says Goodwill did the right thing by taking the shorts off the sales floor. His concern, however, continues to grow about the meaning of the symbol being taken too lightly.  

Yeah. Because if there's one thing you never hear anything negative about, it's National Socialist Germany.

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