Kosher Video Games: Kill White Rural Christians

There's a Union Jack over my duck-face jewbook picture for some reason. I don't remember why. Better take it down. Weird. It seems I also have a few old ones with France and some other tricolor, not sure what country that one even is. Maybe something bad happened there, too? Doesn't ring a bell, though. Must be nothing. Hey, how about some mind-rotting jew-approved vidiot games for your electronic synagogue? That will keep you docile and stupid, gentile. Here's your chance to shoot the Whites who live in flyover, mentally preparing you for the day when our criminal government fully declares war on a vanishing Legacy America. Eat lead, Christian! That's for being "racist!" Isn't this fun? Yes, whatever happened in Britianistan or wherever, I don't even care.

Far Cry 5 will tell the story of a militant Christian cult, if a piece of artwork released today by publisher Ubisoft is any indication,” reports gamer site Polygon

The biggest threat facing muh democracy and our sacred rights of consumerism, materialism and careerism is clearly White rural Christians. We all remember when they shot up that "gay" nightclub because here's another old selfie with a rainbow over it. I can't wait to reenact Ruby Ridge and Waco on my telavivision. Obey our zionist controlled government or get shot, you unclean meat! Blast people without color and earn a "high score!"

A shocking promotional illustration features a group of flannel-wearing bearded rednecks sat around a table in poses similar to that of “Jesus’ Last Supper.” (see below)

 I can't wait to kill Whitey.

The characters are armed and a slew of guns are strewn across the table with apple pie, a bible and red meat nearby. A bound and beaten man with the word “SINNER” carved into his back sits in front.

Remember, hedonism, damaged rectums, jewish pornography, plastic penis substitutes, pouring cement into your lower intestine and so on are examples of our wonderful semitic freedoms and only an evil pale cult would oppose these beautiful expressions of "love."

“The image calls to mind the 2016 occupation of the Malheur National Wildlife Range, in which armed militants in cowboy hats and rugged button-downs seized the headquarters of the park located in Harney County, Oregon,” writes The Verge.

 Press "X" to shoot grieving mother.

“Though it’s likely work began on Far Cry 5 before the incident, as video games takes years to conceptualize, greenlight, and develop.”

Fortunately, jewish hatred of normal White America never goes out of style.

Far Cry 5 stands out as it’s the first in the series to let gamers mow down Americans (albeit fictitious), not mutants or foreigners.

Think of it as practice for when the traveling merchant orders you to kill your fellow citizens after the collapse, young person.
The latest Far Cry follows a growing trend in video games to cast Americans as the enemy, according to The Verge.

Promoting deadly violence against your own race, nothing to see here, this is very healthy, how about some booze and pills?

 Mafia 3 follows Lincoln Clay, a mixed-raced Vietnam vet, who takes revenge on the Italian mob in 1970s Louisiana after the assassination of his father figure, the leader of the black mob. And an episode of Hitman, called “Freedom Fighters,” has the titular killer assassinating targets on a Colorado compound that seemed to take at least some inspiration from the real-world incident in Harney County.

In the exciting new video game from ChosenSoft you play as a "transgender" disabled mixed-race veteran of the coming war in Iran. It's your job to blast Middle America to get revenge for all the nigga bodies (Ah! Ah!) lost in the Chicongo all against all or whatever. Sound fun? If that doesn't do it for you, here's a Great War simulator where you play as a negro. Hurry up and die, shkotzim.

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Yo. Hol up. Is you sayin' we wuz Prussians?


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