Mexican Invader in Hit and Run DUI was Deported 15 Times

I've been told that sometimes I'm a little too extreme with my choice of language and ideological positions. If I could just soften some of the sharper edges, maybe stop naming the jew, maybe keep a more neutral and detached tone, it might lead to a wider audience and perhaps even fame as a cuckservative pundit. Tone it down, soften and weaken the message, you want to be respectable, right? I guess today's story is a very poor choice to discuss if I ever want to embrace this cowardly new direction. I'm about as angry right now as I ever get. Angry at Whites who betrayed their race for kosher crumbs, at opportunistic foreign scum eager to tell us how we should run our White homelands, at the demonic jewish wire-puller behind it. A small child is in a hospital clinging to life because a worthless alien wandered across an open border over and over. We needed that wall in 1965, we need it now, we'll still need it tomorrow. We keep waiting.

A mother, father and their 6-year-old son were returning from a trip to Disneyland when, according to the survivors’ family, a man in a pickup truck turned a corner, smashed into their car and sped off.

Natural conservatives, here for a better life. A "man" who is no doubt completely human, crudely carved into g*d's own sawed-off image and a special miracle full of value, plows into a White family while in a tequila haze. The "dreamer" speeds off, displaying the impressive family values of undocumented citizens. Here's your turd burrito, Legacy America. Take a big bite and smile, show you're not "racist." We need a lot more unskilled criminal brown drunkards in our country, we're facing a critical shortage.

The suspect, Constantino Banda-Acosta, was a man that border agents say had been deported 15 times over the span of 15 years.

They do the jobs Americans won't, it's an act of love, we'll get them voting for the Paul Ryans of this world. Think of the obscenely rich bastard jews that will become slightly more wealthy. Remember the cheap enchiladas,  the exotic "diversity" of millions of identical inferiors, the enriching thrill of Speedy Gonzalez and his freshly emptied bottle plowing into your family and then driving off because it doesn't have a soul. Squat animals, our greatest strength.

He — and another man arrested in connection with the crash — were both “Mexican nationals in the country illegally,” the statement said.

This is the end game of decades of weakness and pathetic appeasement. Our country is about to be lost. They're not sending us their best and even their best is garbage.

ICE is planning to take Banda-Acosta into custody once he is released by the San Diego police, who arrested him. He was charged with DUI, hit-and-run and driving without a license.

Yeah, maybe this vile creature should be punished. That's a great idea. Apparently there is no rope and no sturdy tree limbs in San Diego. This piece of la-teen-oh dog shit needs to be deported to hell.

 Could you please show this to your father, Ivanka?

An ICE spokeswoman said they would seek to deport Banda-Acosta after any conviction and sentence connected to the collision, according to the newspaper.

That plan sure worked well the first fifteen times you fucking moron.

A Chula Vista Police Department official told the Union-Tribune that the suspect’s criminal history included allegations of domestic violence against his wife. Banda-Acosta has been arrested twice by Chula Vista police, including this past January.

The may-hee-can will be the salvation of the Loser Party for sure, what with their deeply conservative values like wife-beating and running down children. 

The crash happened Saturday in San Ysidro. The family was a block away from its home when their car was struck by a truck that blew a stop sign.

No human being is illegal. That's just an undocumented freeway for a good citizen with an unofficial and trivial amount of alcohol coursing through its veins and black heart. Laws are bad, noticing the pathology is bad, your death is good. Die for a profit. Die for the jew.

The back seat on the driver’s side took the brunt of the impact, CNN affiliate KGTV reported. That’s where the couple’s 6-year-old son, Lennox, was sitting.

Today's border wall update: nothing was built. This was also the update yesterday and the day before that and the day before...

Lennox was taken Rady Children’s Hospital with serious head injuries. A representative from the hospital said the boy is listed in “serious condition.”

It's a small price to pay for saving a few pennies on the cost of lettuce.

San Ysidro, the area in San Diego where the crash occurred, is about as close as one can get to the US-Mexico border. In fact, the neighborhood goes right up to the border in some places, and even its northernmost reaches are about two miles away from it.

Some might even argue there is no border.


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