Negro Knife Attack at University of Texas, Motive Unknown

The communist indoctrination center, or "college" as it was formerly known, will make you a better person, you piece of unclean meat. You can learn all sorts of practical skills, like how to pay off your pound of flesh student loan debt as an unemployable human derelict. Bankruptcy won't work, so don't even think about it, gentile. You'll discover that your people and you specifically simultaneously don't really exist (No one knows what "White" is!) and are pure evil and need to be destroyed. Yes, you need to die, shkotzim. And this brings us to the rich "diversity" of dangerous brown animals attending on "look at that boy run" scholarships or moe-ham-head sewage eager to kill the hated kuffir. Yes, here's your big chance to experience the American negro, an exotic and fascinating creature full of unique value. Try not to get your throat slit, goyim.

A student with a large hunting knife stabbed at least four people Monday on the University of Texas campus, killing one and seriously wounding the others before surrendering to police, authorities said.

Those crazy "students" and their wacky antics. Must be one of those White males, the source of the majority of the world's evil. We need knife control and fewer rights. Let's get a picture of the new Charles Whitman.

 The crisis is no longer useful.

There was no immediate word about a motive.

It's an impenetrable mystery. Let's not jump to any crazy conclusions that will later be fully vindicated. Get this thing in the memory hole. How about another "Day Without a May-Hee-Can" where they don't actually leave and no one even gets deported because we need a nuclear confrontation with some Asiatic dictatorship.

Student Rachel Prichett said she was standing in line at a food truck outside a gym when she saw a man with a knife resembling a machete approach the person standing behind her.

The African Heart of Darkness. Machete attacks and witchcraft amulets, superstition and brutal violence, idiocy and death, now available at your local jewish debt swindle facility. 

"The guy was standing next to me," Prichett said. "He grabbed him by the shoulder and shoved the knife in it. I just started running as fast as I could."

...and I'm proud to be a Murrkwan, where at least I get to flee. And I won't forget the nameless victim who died to keep the negro monster off me. 

Police identified the suspect as 21-year-old Kendrex J. White. 

The suspect was LITERALLY WHITE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11111111oneoneone

University police Chief David Carter described the weapon as a "Bowie-style" hunting knife. He said the stabbings occurred within a one-block area as the attacker "calmly walked around the plaza." 

The negro anti-soul. Calmly milling around the nightmare the content of its character created, stabbing people because they were White for some unknown reason.

Another student, Ray Arredondo, said he was walking to his car when a mass of students near the gym started running.

Eyyyy, wut eeesss deeeesss, deee runneeen aww deeee buuulllllsss? Better pull that Speedy Gonzalez act, another negro has reverted to its natural state.

Lindsey Clark said she saw the suspect get tackled by police as he was running toward the entrance of Jester Hall, a complex of dormitories and classrooms. She described him as wearing a bandanna and gray sweatshirt and said he appeared quiet and subdued as police held him on the ground.

Let me tell you all about the clothes it was wearing, but no other details. Knowing this was a genetic alien with foreign DNA is not useful. 

Carter said it would be "premature" to discuss the suspect's motive and "what was going through his mind."

Yeah. Let's just forget this happened and continue slouching toward the grave.

White was an active member of the Black Health Professionals Organization student organization on campus, said Melody Adindu, the group's new president. She said White was passionate about his work and was "very interactive and easygoing."

Good boy, turning his life around. Future doctor or rapper, active in "gibs me dat" identity politics, already in college, wouldn't hurt anyone, religious affiliation unknown and not important, 200 Watt smile, full of potential and staggering human worth. Its life mattered very much.

Ex-classmate Angela Bonilla called White "the sweetest guy, laughing and having a good time with people".
"Looks like you bleedin', kee, kee, kee."


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