Negro "Students" Issue Demands After Phony Hate Crime

Most Whites prefer compromise over conflict, "doing the right thing" over aggressively denying a demand from our enemies and temporarily putting up with unpleasantness with an eye on a better future waiting beyond the current misery. These traits, especially prevalent in a places like Sweden or Minnesota, have not purchased any goodwill from genetic aliens that want us violently dead. The "unfair skin" is the original sin of "racism," no amount of appeasement and groveling can change this. If no evidence of the inherent evil of the hated pink benefactor is available, some can always be contrived. It was real in my mind. There is no compromise, no "right thing" that will remove the crime of our continued existence, no better future if we just shut up and go along with the latest kosher outrages. We resist the rot or get devoured by it, these are the choices.

Racial tensions on the campus of St. Olaf College in Northfield have reached a boiling point.

Lots of Whites looking at their shoes, mumbling apologies and trying to sneak toward the nearest exit while dark animals hoot, holler and destroy, in other words.

Minority students say the time for action is now to address lingering incidents of racial hatred.

The precious dark, violent and idiotic "minority" that already greatly outnumbers Whites and continues to grow at an alarming rate. Identical looking and behaving nightmare creatures that are full of special value. Their lives matter. Any one of the dark heads on this pathological jew-controlled hydra could be the next surgeon, oceanographer or rapper. We gain staggering benefits from their presence, like "tugs" scored in the Big Gayme and peanut recipes.

On Saturday, a student found a frightening note on her car. The message called her the N-word, telling her to “shut up or I will shut you up!”

I have never encountered an incident that seemed so completely plausible. Minnesota Whites, the most docile and delusional segment of our people outside of Sweden, suddenly start crafting "threatening" missives toward jungle monsters who, coincidentally, are the leaders of victim group identity politics "gibs me dat" initiatives. This definitely happened.

Hey mulatto, watcha doin'?!?

St. Olaf students say tension has been building all year as students of color deal with verbal and written threats and hate messages.

A communist indoctrination center in Minnesota has been occupied by nawrtzees and "the klan" while no one was looking. No, really, that's what you're supposed to believe! 

The school says there is an on-going investigation to find the perpetrator, but on Monday, students lost their patience. Many boycotted classes to protest racism on campus.

It's okay, you wouldn't have learned anything.

“In addressing race issues, I have been met with very hostile reactions,” said student Limi Simbakalia. “Yelling and cussing, even in a classroom situation, as well as down to little micro aggressions and things in between. People have used the N-word to my face.”

Dem debil crakas, dees pink mudda fuddas need to dye an sheet, gnomesayin'? I fugging hate da wite debil. 

If there's one racial group known for "yelling and cussing" it's Whites.

Students are demanding swift administrative action and want a public airing with the Board of Regents. A list of student demands can be found here.

Time to negotiate with terrorists.

St. Olaf President David Anderson bristles at suggestions the school isn’t doing enough. At a tense gathering with protesting students in the Tomson Auditorium Monday afternoon, he argued that broad demands won’t solve the problem.

With my sinecure careerism now balanced on the edge of a razor (Wee bee mandin' a nigga prez-dant!) it's time to let the negro scream at me in hopes that will be enough. The long dark night of a pathetic White who betrayed everything that matters to pursue sanctimony and materialism. Now the shit-colored morlocks it enabled turn against him. Your years of right-think and affixing your lips to jewish tuckus mean nothing. Everything must burn.

The president says he has two main concerns: “Find the person or persons sending these notes and take action, and two, enter into a long-term productive discussion for a better environment for people of color, faculty and staff, everyone.”

We will catch the witches and/or root wizards that blighted your crops and ruined your marriage. And two, we will enter into a long-term inquisition to stop the devilry in this new Canaan.

So far, the alleged perpetrator has not been found. Students say there are similarities in 6 of the 7 racist notes, which are believed to be the work of just one or two people.

The work of maybe just one person. Hmmm, very interesting. What do you think, Encyclopedia Brown? Please turn to the back of the book for the amazing solution to "Minnesota Mulatto Malfeasance." 

 No time for jew feminism, mystery meat. There's "racists" to catch!


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