Nevertheless, the Rapefugee Persisted

Every human work unit is interchangeable and exactly identical. The more of them you have, the better for muh Gee Dee Pee and the bank balance of already obscenely wealthy alien merchants. We should base our entire national policy around this "wisdom." And don't forget the do-gooding! Violent and dangerous monsters, made in the image of g*d, the sanctity of human life, please help this poor frozen snake. Maybe, in time, they will learn not to assault our women. We meekly suggested to the enemygrant that it shouldn't engage in sex attacks against its benefactors. Nevertheless, it persisted.

An asylum seeker given help to escape a people trafficker who brought him into the country to have his organs harvested will be deported after raping a young woman.

Welcome to the United Kaliphate where "dey bee takkin muh ore-gins an sheeet" is a sufficient cover story to enter a rapidly dying nation and prey upon the free range goyim there. Before we knew it an organ that was supposed to be "harvested" in the all against all was being forced into a screaming White victim. Let's get this in the memory hole, it's not good for our future plans for White genocide.

Amadu Banghura, aged 23, changed his plea to guilty just moments after a jury was sworn in at Sheffield Crown Court. He was jailed for 10 years by Judge Julian Goose QC and told he would be deported after serving half his sentence.

Here's a joke sentence for destroying a woman's life and we might even return you to the African hell you emerged from. Remember to report voluntarily for your deportation, we can do this on the honor system, you're only a convicted rapist.

Megan Rhys, prosecuting, said Banghura, of Exeter Drive, Broomhall filmed the ‘prolonged’ attack, during which he could be seen restraining the woman, who was screaming for him to stop, by her hands.

The only reason this creature even got that comically light sentence was because its 60 I.Q. mind thought it would be a good idea to thoroughly document its anti-soul. See, the foreign alien is learning to use technology. Soon we'll have them programming computers and building robots or whatever. Let's put you down for another million.

The face of the racial enemy.

The victim went to a Sheffield police station and officers said she was ‘visibly distressed’ and had noticeable marks on her wrists, scratches on her neck and false nails missing. Banghura was arrested by police but denied raping the woman, who cannot be named for legal reasons, and said they had engaged in consensual sex.

We finally have a real "rape culture" in the West, courtesy of the African all against all and religion of peace sewage. The silence from the jew feminists is deafening. That kosher sickness was for Whites and only Whites. Besides, it didn't do [anything]. Here's a lengthy video of its victim screaming for it to stop. Good boy, soon to fully integrate into our globalist bazaar, future cinematographer or rape ape.

“The footage shows she was crying throughout, and saying she didn’t want it,” said Ms Rhys. Geraldine Kelly, defending, said Banghura had been taken from his native Sierra Leone and brought into the country illegally in 2014 by a man who wanted to harvest his organs if he was found to be a match.

Walking organ banks from the Heart of Darkness, our greatest strength.

Banghura was then put in touch with a Sheffield charity who helped him with his successful asylum application. Ms Kelly said: “He is someone who has been bullied and victimised, and that’s clear though most of his relationships – both professional and personal.” 

Don't worry, the suicidal White altruist is on the case. This poor dangerous animal, bullied by its fellow worthless night terrors. We need to give this monster access to our women.

She said after being granted asylum Banghura, who was formerly of good character, regularly volunteered for a Sheffield charity and worked at a bakery up to 70 hours a week.

Another hard-working natural conservative. The model migrant, a success story to inspire.

Judge Goose told Banghura he had watched the footage of the ‘prolonged’ sex attack. He told him: “That recording was truly shocking. Throughout, the complainant was begging you to stop. “She cried, she tried resisting you but you persisted. “You injured her as she begged and cried and screamed for help.”

I have no choice but to give you an outrageously lenient sentence.


  1. There's a British movie, "Dirty Pretty Things," about human organ harvesting among illegal immigrants in London. Of course it's anti-White, and the story features a villainous Spanish procurer and a heroic Nigerian doctor.


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