Soul Plane

There's a lot going on in the world, so let's talk about a negro brawl on a plane. Okay, before we do that I should give you a few quick takes on arguably more important topics. The French Election: more enemygrant suicide for Western Europe, surprise, surprise. The Nationalists are gaining ground, but whether a majority can be obtained before it's a demographic impossibility and your nation has become South Africa remains to be seen. We now have another childless weirdo leading a European country, great job vanishing White population. The other big new was, of course, Trump firing Comey. Based on the level of outrage and garment-rending, this was the right decision. When there's no chosenite wailing (Let's bomb goat herders!) that's when we need to worry. Now let's get that wall built, please. The bottom line is that both of these stories are pretty straightforward and don't really merit in-depth analysis here. Instead, let's examine mile-high negro pathology.

One person was arrested after a brawl erupted aboard a Southwest Airlines jet deplaning in Burbank after arriving from Dallas. 

I've had it with these monkey-fighting negroes on this money-flying plane!

The fight involved three passengers aboard the Boeing 737. Southwest spokeswoman Alyssa Eliasen says police were summoned and one passenger was arrested, while another incurred minor injuries that didn't prevent further travel.

If only more dark racial inferiors were earning degrees in aeronautical sciences. Smile negro, you're going places! Like a local lock-up.

There was no word on what prompted the quarrel. The Southwest statement says flight crews are trained to de-escalate conflict.

Motive unknown. Whether this clash of dark paws was triggered by a posterior size debate, a "baby mama" issue or basic incompatibility with civilization and its rules is unknown as of this writing. Hopefully a lengthy and costly investigation can figure out why Barkevious decided to go "ham" on a flight.

The brawl is the latest in a series of disturbances involving U.S. airliners. Problems began last month with cellphone video capturing a passenger being dragged off a United Airlines flight. Other horror stories from customers surfaced later involving flights on Delta and American airlines.

It sure is strange how these "disturbances" have become common thanks to "diversity" and the low levels of trust it creates. Be sure to watch the video footage at the link below, it's really incredible. You'll see out-of-shape weak Whites trying to reason with the zoo. Certainly that strategy is overdue to finally work. Calm down, genetic alien, you're capable of connecting cause to effect, right?

Then late Monday, irate passengers swarmed ticket counters at the Fort Lauderdale airport after Spirit Airlines canceled nine flights, blaming the decision on pilots' failure to show up.

Yo pie-lotts ain hee-ah an sheeet. Durr be nao flatts cuz of dat, mudda fuddas. *Massive bongo party ensues*

Deputies arrested three people from New York in the Fort Lauderdale airport, charging them with inciting a riot, disorderly conduct, resisting arrest and trespassing. 

 I know, I was surprised too.


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