The Negro Slush Fund

We need a lot more spending on "education." Open up that wallet, Legacy America. We're just one more dead-on-arrival program, one more lump sum payment away from creating a negro and la-teen-oh that is able to somewhat approximate the minimum standards of behavior in a civilized White nation. Please ignore all the contrary evidence, it's going to work this time for sure. Besides, it's not like diverting this racket money into diet drinks and power tools for corrupt negro principals represents an unacceptable level of criminality. Clearly the "races" court agrees, as a slap on the wrist is prepared for a genetic alien that stole from the White tax-paying sucker.

A former principal of East Ridge High School in Woodbury has pleaded guilty to felony theft for misusing school funds to make personal purchases. 

The only difference between this worthless criminal tar animal and its fellow living fossils stealing do-gooder assistance in Africa is this genetic alien is lucky enough to live in a rapidly dying White nation where the content of its character is still tolerated for some reason. Back in its native sewer another, stronger simian would quickly remove the "school funds" leaving this evolutionary dead-end for the vultures. Here in the land of the fee and the home of the slave we must have a lengthy and expensive trial, concluding with a joke punishment, if that. Minnesota is slowly turning into Somalia, but until it gets there the looting of a weak and gullible native population can continue.

Aaron Harper, 41, abruptly resigned in 2014 when allegations surfaced that he had used a district-issued credit card to buy items and services for personal use including spending $7,900 on cutlery knives. On Monday, the Cottage Grove man pleaded guilty to one count of felony theft by swindle in Washington County District Court.

Through the miracle of a 90 I.Q. and Affirmative Action a jungle monster was able to get on the free cutlery gravy train, stealing resources while at the same time getting a sinecure salary. This is how the negro behaves in a position of authority: sticky-fingered "education" professional, foreign exchange student President, tribal chieftain with a child army in the Heart of Darkness, there's really not that much difference. All are vile parasites that have no place in a White homeland.

As part of the plea, Harper agreed to pay restitution for all three theft charges, which total more than $5,000, according to court records. The plea included a 60-day cap for jail time.

The "races" justice system has little interest in punishing the rot. Clearly this 41-year-old "teen" is getting ready to turn its life around and we don't want to ruin that by sending it to prison for the years it spent betraying our trust.

The criminal complaint details illegal purchases Harper made over the course of three years, including weight loss drinks, Sam's Club memberships, Menard's power tools, electronics, funeral flowers and softball equipment.

Gots to get dem magic shakes, talmudvisions and saww bawls.

Y'all gwine star gattin bedda tah-marr-oh.

Harper is also accused of collecting money from student parking passes and parent cash donations to create a "slush fund." Prosecutors say he withdrew about $2,300 from the fund between 2012 and 2014. 

The benefits of having an I.Q. slightly below the White average. Instead of getting "limited" after cigar theft this descendant of jewish trade goods was able to make the "big money" by stealing do-gooder donations and parking pass "We need a fee for everything!" run-off. 

School staff voiced concerns about some of his use of school money. In one case, an employee said he or she feared "the look" Harper would give when questioned, according to court records.

Maybe putting a violent, moronic and venal brown animal in charge wasn't the best idea. "Mr. Harper, can you explain why there's no money whatsoever in the parking pass fund?" *gets "the look"* "Yew gots to get up out aw hee-ah ya wite bee-atch."

Harper admitted to investigators that he made purchases for himself, according to the complaint. In other instances, he told them he didn't recall buying the items.

When there's so much genetically encoded deviance you can't even remember it all.

The district didn't take disciplinary action against Harper.

It makes sense, he clearly didn't do [anything].

District officials picked Harper to lead East Ridge when it opened in 2009. He previously worked as the assistant principal at Oltman Middle School in St. Paul Park.

Wow. What a hero.

Gettin dat larn on.


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