Trayvon Martin Finishes College

We live in an era of the empty gesture, the more pathetic and impotent the better. A moose-limb invader drives down an undocumented highway leaving a trail of kuffir carnage? Better light little candles and sing cultural marxism carols. Maybe put a special faceberg filter of the flag of whatever dead European country hosted the jihad over your duck-face photo? I guess we're not doing that one anymore. How about a pile of garbage for a dead negro that was "limited" while committing crimes? You like garbage, don't you? You're a modern American, you must. If the ugly mass of cough syrup bottles and skittles wrappers isn't enough, how about a garbage degree from a communist indoctrination center for a long dead night terror? The good boy was about to go to college and now he graduated, apparently.

Trayvon Martin's getting a college degree.

This animal's behavior sure improved a lot after that lead injection. Today the dead negro body (Ah! Ah!) gets a degree. Maybe tomorrow the dark worm habitat can start work as part of the Congressional Black Caucus. All you had to do was die to become a model citizen. Prop up the rotten remains like in "Weekend at Bernie's" and we've got the most appealing Evil Party candidate for 2020. Hope and change as the rotten jaw falls off and foul gasses escape the cadaver of a genetic alien.

The slain Florida teenager -- killed by George Zimmerman five years ago -- will be awarded a posthumous bachelor's degree in aeronautical science from Florida Memorial University.

Aspiring rapper, basketball player or aeronautical scientist. The life u-turn is completed. The negro life mattered and so does its death. Will this be the new kosher con game? Send your dead alien bastard to the debt trap for a modest fee, schwoogies. Forget tacky memorial shirts, how about a worthless degree for Barkevious to fully honor its death while sitting in a car?

The aeronautics degree is in "honor of the steps he took during his young life toward becoming a pilot," the school said in a Facebook post. 

Getting high all the time on sizzurp is sort of like being a pilot, I guess. Dat nikka bee flyin' an sheet. Don't forget how he attacked someone, just like on United Airlines. This worthless creature was well on its way to flying a commercial aircraft, I think that's fairly obvious to any non-biased observer.

We wuz pilots.

"Trayvon had an obvious love of flying," university spokeswoman April R. Silver told CNN.

Dead negro fake news. That's real retarded, ma'am.

Martin was shot and killed in February 2012, by Zimmerman, a neighborhood watch captain in Sanford, Florida. Zimmerman had called 911 to report a suspicious person in his neighborhood and later got into a fight with the 17-year-old. Zimmerman said he shot Martin in self-defense.

This was followed by months of lies from the jewish media until the deceit finally collapsed.

Zimmerman was acquitted of the crime in July 2013.

The kosher search for other, more promising dead morlocks to attack our rights with has continued ever since.

Full Story.

The hero we don't deserve.


  1. Maybe somebody confused being a pilot with his taste for sniffing airplane glue.

  2. Big Fan and Supporter of Modern Heretic for years. Always check after noon ET Mon-Fri for the updates. I've actually red pilled many a normie by just sending a link to the site. You definitely make sense from all the nonsense out there. Respect Respect and more Respect. Please keep it going!


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