Welcome to Evergreen State College

Please watch the following amazing video. This incredible glimpse into the state of modern "higher" education must be seen to be believed. Be sure to copy and spread far and wide.

First, let's put this major malfunction into some context. Negro "students" had demanded that Whites be removed from the Evergreen State College campus for "The Day of Absence and Presence." This "invitation for White students to leave" earned the tepid opposition of a jew professor. The merchant's argument could be summarized as "I agree with all your anti-White ideas, hell, I taught 'em to you. I just have a problem with you forcing Whites off campus Zimbabwe style. Some of the brighter unclean meat student loan debt victims are going to realize that "diversity" is actually all about their removal and genocide instead of celebrating differences or whatever nonsense I preached from my bully pulpit." Suffice it to say, this wise kosher advice was not well received by the genetic alien and here we are.

An older White woman, presumably childless and with a house full of cats, is called a "racist" by a mob of dark inferiors. These hateful bigots, do-gooders who wasted their lives in failed attempts to uplift the living fossil, now become the enemy. Here's your reward for serving the devil: a barren womb and an African tribal screaming in your face. Maybe jewish feminism wasn't entirely honest. She sadly looks away, while the jungle chanting continues.

You be Miss Ann an sheeet.

Now it's time for a "black power" chant. It's not hate because prejudice requires a power component and there's intersectionality and structural issues here and I'm so deep in debt could you please just drop a coin or two in my hat? This big chimping forces the College President, a weak, flabby and completely ineffectual cuck named George Bridges, to really earn that sinecure as his dusky charges screech away. A negress that may or may not be one of the nigga bodies (Ah! Ah!) debate champions demands "protection." Kill Whitey, it's the only way a tar monster can be safe. We then get an explanation on how "Whiteness works." These moronic animals are the future of our dying country. 

A mulatto is literally shaking. And here you thought we made that one up to mock these evil losers. No, it's real. This is followed by a rant that calls to mind typical negro customer service performance in muh economy. I canna hee-ah yew, mudda fudda. Dat'll bee fo fo dollah. We will alchemize these outsiders into cut-rate Whites. The solution is more appeasement.

This diploma should impress employers.

There's so much pathology on display that there isn't time to address all of it. A few big highlights from the rest of the video:

1:46 Dat sheet be systematic as fuck!

2:44 Footage outside the building that is more reminiscent of "Gorillas in the Mist" than an educational institution.

2:58 Negress makes outrageous claim about being sprayed with mace, producing some quality facial expressions from President Cuckold. 

3:19 The gay negro from "Revenge of the Nerds" makes an appearance.

3:40 70 I.Q. scholar struggles to read basic English. 

4:48 "We're not simpletons."

5:00 Completely unironic "We wuz kangz."

5:19 "All the trannies, too!" 

6:10 Morlocks demand that "George" put his hands down and then bray like hyenas when he's pathetic enough to comply.

6:46 Muh slavery.

Learn a trade, White man.

But wait, there's more. Me and muh posse don't do no homework, sucka!

You act like we don't have technology, yo.


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