"Abortion Rights" Jewess Enters Hell

We are facing a critical shortage of people. With only 7.5 billion mostly worthless hominids on our planet you can see why we're so alarmed. The problem is especially bad in White nations, of course, where decades of cultural marxism, materialism, hedonism, feminism, the sodomite agenda, the abortion mills and other jewish evils have caused us to fall behind in the critical "people race." The solution is, of course, flooding our homelands with brown aliens so that we can boast proudly about our high population and muh GDP while everything burns. A century of jewish attacks on our people and here we are, clinging to survival, retreating, groveling and dying. Let us honor a satanic jew witch who helped bring about this kosher disaster and recently became the new plaything of a demon.

Simone Veil, the concentration camp survivor who persuaded the French parliament to legalise abortion, has died at the age of 89. President Emmanuel Macron declared that she represented the "best of France" and hundreds of other tributes have been paid to her.

Wow, what a hero. Truly this vile outsider represents the best of us, our most noble and honorable instincts. Like putting scissors into the heads of our unborn children or sucking them out of the womb one chunk at a time. We can even sell the remains for shekels. This was a living saint, the Light of the World, the generous merchant, the friendly alien tribal in our midst. Let us pay tribute to this vaguely humanoid devil.

"Let her example inspire our compatriots, who will find the best of France in it," Macron said in a Tweet after her death was announced by her family on Thursday.

Thanks to this rat-woman the future of France was ripped apart with surgical tools, butchered before birth, sold for profit and tossed into the garbage. Let this fine example inspire you toward nihilism, cancerous individualism and demographic suicide.

For his predecessor, François Hollande, Veil "epitomised dignity, courage and rectitude".

Killing Whites, the epitome of all the virtues of a dying land.

"France has lost an exceptional woman, a great witness and an activist for the memory of the Shoah," Francis Kalifat of Jewish group Crif declared.

Don't forget muh holocaust! No, not the real one represented by an ocean of blood from "aborted" babies. I mean the Soviet war propaganda we used as a weapon against you, when we weren't earning geld by crushing and dismembering your children.

Former health minister Marisol Touraine paid tribute to a "woman of courage and commitment for the rights and freedoms of women", while Laurence Parisot, the former head of bosses' union Medef, commented, "For all we owe you ... how can we thank you?"

"How can I thank you?" the Frenchman asks as his head is guided into the noose by semitic hands. We can never repay the debt we gentiles owe you for wrecking our nation. You fought for the right to destroy the traditional family, to destroy our future on an operating table, to give us "freedom" while affixing the kosher chains around our necks. No children, a womb damaged beyond repair, dreams of a dead soul, no hope. Outside in the Paris streets the "call to prayer" blares from dozens of speakers while African animals lope around, seeking victims.

Kill your babies, unclean meat!

National Front leader Marine Le Pen hailed "a woman who unquestionably made her mark on French political life", praising a "lifetime's fight for remembrance".

I'm sure the moe-ham-head invaders that are replacing you will care deeply about remembering this horrid chosenite bitch. I guess all that's left is to talk about the holohoax.

Born to a secular Jewish family in the south of France, Veil saw her father, a prizewinning architect, banned from exercising his profession under the wartime collaborationist Vichy government and was deported to the Nazi death camps along with the rest of her family in 1944.

Oy vey, persecuted for no reason by not-sees! This is wrong and immoral, unlike slaughtering unborn goyim.

On the advice of another deportee, she told the guards she was 18 not 16, thus avoiding being sent to the gas chambers.

No, really. This happened.

She, her mother and her sister Madeleine, were first sent to Auschwitz-Birkenau then sent on the "Death March" to Bergen-Belsen, where her mother died.

Nice to see somebody slip in Modern Heretic sarcasm quotes. G*d knows if I was trying to exterminate an entire race I'd have them walk back and forth across Europe, ask for their age on the honor system, treat them in hospitals, etc.

Simone Veil kept the tattoo of her number at Auschwitz - 78651 - on her arm for the rest of her life and was president of France's Holocaust remembrance association from 2000-07.

Let's see if we can give you a score, Simone.

- Father banned from doing honest work by collaborators, 5 points
- Sent to "death camps," 5 points
- Lied about her age to avoid the electric belts, 5 points
- "Death March," 5 points
- Dead mother up the chimney, 5 points
- Tattoo on arm for some reason, 5 points
- Telling the World, 5 points

Looks like a modest 35 points for Simone and her sufferink. Poor Simone.

But she became best-known for her battle to legalise abortion after being appointed health minister in a centre-right government in 1974.

The enemy within.

"I never imagined the hatred I would stir up," she commented later.

There's a certain irony.

During the debate René Feït and Emmanuel Hamel broadcast recordings of a foetus's heartbeat, the former warning that the legislation would be responsible for "twice as many victims as the Hiroshima bomb".

These "haters" were, of course, completely vindicated by the present demographic nightmare, but the important thing is the jewess is a hero and we should all be very grateful.

In scenes reminiscent of the recent campaign against same-sex marriage, hardline Catholics counted rosary beads in silence outside parliament, while Veil received thousands of insulting letters and some of her acquaintances refused to talk to her.

Wow, the intensity of the resistance to our own destruction. The tidal wave of "hate" from the evil cattle threatens my jew-endorsed infanticide rights. Silent prayers! Not returning phone calls! Nasty letters! Whites truly earned the death sentence this jewish turd handed us.

Abortion was made permanently legal in France on 31 December 1979.

Yes, "permanently." Since we all know France will last forever. Did I just hear an explosion? Why is that truck driving on the sidewalk? Oh well, it's permanent, let's put away those beads and climb into the grave we dug for ourselves.

This evil jewess finally went to hell.


  1. Marine Le Pen, lol, what a fraud! I thought French actually had a chance in the most recent elections, but it turns out they never did. Might as well be led into the sunset by the closet case.


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