Foreign Invaders Now Afraid of Sucking the Taxes

As the wrist icicle of the latest virtue signaling onanism starts to dry and the appeasement and apathy resumes we can return to the moe-ham-head bicycle: attack happens, Whites are blamed, empty boasting about our mighty multi-culti hell state, attack happens, etc. In America this predictable pattern can hopefully be shattered by common sense removal of the moe-ham-head alien, but so far it hasn't happened. At least the may-hee-can is being disrupted. It turns out that brown welfare colonists are now somewhat reluctant to loot America. Make it great again. Pablo the wetback and his forty children might get slightly fewer freebies and the usual suspects are wailing about issues like "human rights" and "how come you haven't died yet?"

A crackdown on illegal immigration under President Donald Trump has driven some poor people to take a drastic step: opt out of federal food assistance because they are fearful of deportation, activists and immigrants say.

There is no wall. We're still waiting. Maybe Willard Romney's fabled "self deportation" will happen after all. Foreign opportunists are questioning how much outrageous behavior they can still get away with. The enemy is afraid and this is good. They have to go back. A country that can't defend itself from obvious threats has no future.

People who are not legal residents of the U.S. are not eligible to take part in what is formally known as the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program.

Foreign nationals brought in as a demographic weapon are not getting funding for their attack on White America. This is the outrage of our time.

But many poor families include a mix of non-legal residents and legal ones, such as children who have citizenship because they were born in the U.S. In those cases, it is often an adult who is not a legal resident who submits the application.

Muh anchor babies. All of this worthless sawed-off filth has to go back.

Some now feel that is too dangerous under a president who has made immigration enforcement a priority. Throughout the U.S., there are accounts of people resisting efforts of nonprofit organizations to sign them up for food stamps, letting benefits lapse or withdrawing from the program because of the perceived risk.

Don't worry, do-gooding traitors are on the case. However, some members of the enemy army are worried their crimes will finally be punished. This is so sad.

"They don't want to put their name and address on a form for a government public benefit out of fear that they'll be sought out and asked to leave," said Teresa Smith, executive director of Catholic Charities of Orange County, California.

Cucktianity. My JUDEO-christian faith demands that I support the destruction of my homeland. The useful idiot does the bidding of big jew. It's the right thing to do. My spiritually gelded demonic church demands it.

"This means less food on the table, fewer meals in houses where the kids have rights because they are U.S. citizens," said Andrew Hammond, an attorney for Chicago's Sargent Shriver National Center on Poverty Law.

Look at this poor tapeworm, struggling to stay attached to the intestinal lining, sometimes going without some of the food the host eats.

Andrew Hammond. Every. Single. Time.

It is not possible to determine the extent of the phenomenon. The number of food stamp recipients has declined as the U.S. recovers from the Great Recession and people could drop out for various reasons.

We can't even prove this is happening, but trust me, I'm a jew attorney. Get that immigration shotgun back in your mouth, goyim.

A 52-year-old woman interviewed in New York City, a Mexican in the country illegally, told The Associated Press she was motivated in January to drop a benefit that was supporting her teenage daughter, a U.S. citizen, purely because she was afraid of being in the food stamp system, which requires applicants to state their immigration status.

A turd from the may-hee-can anus has a sad story. Interested, gentiles? No.

Mark Krikorian, a well-known advocate for reducing immigration to the U.S., said their situation reflects the fact that many people who come to the country lack the skills to earn enough money here. "It is an attempted moral blackmail to say 'If you Americans don't give me your money, I can't stay here and feed my children,'" he said. "Well, it's your choice. No one made you sneak into the United States."

We actually get some real talk to break up the sob stories. The times are changing. 

Driving the most recent fears about the program is an increase in immigration enforcement.

It would have been nice thirty years ago, but we'll take it now.

"We should care if people are afraid to interact with institutions that all of us rely on for our health and well-being," said Tanya Broder, senior attorney at the National Immigration Law Center.

I'm getting paid to destroy your country and spew comical sanctimony. Go fuck yourself, Tanya.

Don't worry, you're going with her.


  1. I just spoke to a family friend last week from metro-Atlanta. She's been a visa overstayer for about a decade, as is her "husband" and father of her daughter. They're freaking out because of recent raids in the area. Apparently her neighbors got pulled over for traffic violations and are now being detained. She said she and the hubby are preparing to return to his home country of Guatemala. So these raids are definitely working.


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