Germany: Psychologist Helps Refugees, Gets Murdered

Every predictable moose-limb malfunction can be blamed on the indigenous White population failing to adopt a properly servile and worshipful attitude toward the enemygrants being brought in as a jewish act of war against our homelands. If only we had debased ourselves more, if only we'd screamed our support for the multi-culti from inside a cloud of shrapnel and shredded viscera. It's the "islamophobia" causing this. Grovel more, offer more appeasement, use your awesome kosher psychology skills to try to program the rapefugee not to detonate. We should see the positive results of this foolhardy weakness any moment now. For now, the anti-stabbing protocols need a little work, obviously.

A psychologist working for the German Red Cross has been stabbed to death by a Syrian man at a counseling centre for refugees in the western state of Saarland.

Tell me about your mother, moe-ham-head. Here's the blade of jihad, Sigmund Fraud. It's almost like genetic, religious and cultural aliens from the Middle Eastern sewer aren't compatible with our rapidly dying kosher shopping mall.

The 27-year-old Syrian attacked the Red Cross psychologist following an argument, German news agency dpa reported. The suspect, who wasn't identified, was arrested shortly after the attack. 

Calm down, Moe. I'm here to help you learn to act like an inferior version of the shrinking White population you were brought in to replace. Now I'm bleeding. Just a part of life in the city, I guess. Time to die.

The 30-year-old psychologist had been working for the Red Cross since 2014, helping people who had experienced trauma begin lives.

Wow. What a hero.

The shocking incident comes after an attack on Sunday that saw a five-year-old child stabbed to death by an Afghan national at a refugee shelter in southeastern Germany.

You probably remember hearing about this all over cable news. That or it was quickly stuffed into the memory hole, I forget which.

The attack was apparently sparked by a dispute between asylum seekers at the centre.

Now you can continue your tribal warfare here in the West! Isn't "diversity" exciting?

Germany has seen an influx of around 1 million refugees since 2015, with emigrants from war-torn Syria and Afghanistan leading the numbers.

Make room, make room.

Vigilant gangs have been formed by groups of far-right-wingers in a number of German towns, while there were reports of mass sexual assault by refugees on women at a New Year's Eve event in Cologne in 2015.

Dangerous "right wing" gangs! The new nawrtzees! Remember, it's always our fault.

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