Jesse Owens Act Gone Right

Perhaps the saddest aspect of the unmitigated disaster that was the jewish century is the kosher enemy that won victory after victory is basically incompetent. They won via cowardice, apathy and fear. The brown biological weapon they used would immediately melt against any kind of organized opposition and the jews themselves can't even make a decent Youtube video to promote their poison. We gave a war and only one side showed up, as the gray pony-tailed pieces of garbage might say. Here in the Current Year, we're waking up and the internet is providing the tools to win this war of ideas. Meanwhile the American negro, the moronic beneficiary of the Long March Through the Institutions, continues to wallow in a reeking sewer of its own creation, occasionally providing some comic relief to go with the endless failure and terror.

The burglar shot to death by his accomplice Monday morning has been to prison multiple times.

Clearly this was the fault of the "races" justice system. The letting it out over and over again, I mean. Where the wise stench from the bench failed, its fellow nightmare monster succeeded. The career criminal was fully reformed by an injection of high speed lead.

James Robert Young Jr., 41, of Macon, had been out on parole for less than 10 months when he was fatally wounded after breaking into a woman’s home at 152 Bradstone Circle.

Age 41 "teen" fails to turn that life around, despite numerous opportunities provided by a corrupt and feckless system. On the way to Grandma's while preaching the Word of Christ this turd got dat home invasion on, followed by a detour to hell courtesy of the other half of the negro physical comedy team. No free college for you, just a "graduation" into eternal well-deserved torment.

Just before 10 a.m. Monday, the woman was in the back of her house getting dressed when she heard her door bell ring. Moments later, she heard the sound of someone kicking in the front door, Bibb County Sheriff David Davis said during a news conference at the scene.

This is why you need to be armed. Most incidents like this, which are more and more common with each passing day, don't have a "one living fossil blasted the other" happy ending.

This worthless piece of shit got shot.

Young was trying to carry out a big screen TV and dropped it when the woman yelled at the men and they started to run.

Getting muh talmudvision gone wrong. Time to show off that amazing "southern speed" and then demonstrate why these "super athletes" aren't dominating trap shooting competitions.

The other man fired a gun back toward the house and hit Young, Davis said.    

LOL. Home Invasion goes so very, very right.

“I’d much rather see one burglar shoot another burglar than an innocent homeowner,” Davis said.

Yeah. No shit.

Young has been incarcerated at least five times in Georgia prisons for crimes committed in Bibb County, according to the Department of Corrections website.

Let's put the animal in a cage for a little while. That should fix it. They need to go back to Africa.

He has been locked up for theft by taking, theft by receiving stolen property, theft by shoplifting and auto theft dating back to 1992.

The amazing "diversity" of morlock criminality.


  1. Big screen TV being dropped has really upset me.

  2. Well he finally turned his life around and went in the right direction. If they black hep them out. Send them towards the light. The only cure for stupid is EXTINCTION.


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