Night of the Broken Holohoax Memorial

The jew is humanity's best friend and conscience, unfairly persecuted by the unclean meat for no reason whatsoever. Despite the actions of the evil gentiles, the Light of the World continues to shine down on us with high interest loans, communism, the sodomite agenda, foreign war, foreign invasion and massive frontal attacks on our institutions and traditions. This is obviously good, ask anyone who hasn't been imprisoned or forced into silence for saying otherwise. Even now, in Current Year, the innocent and virtuous merchant is threatened by broken glass, its most feared enemy. Some schwoogie was whipping rocks at ugly holohoax degenerate art. We should all feel very, very guilty. You do want to keep that careerism going until you commit suicide, right?

An investigation is underway in Boston after someone shattered a glass pane of the New England Holocaust Memorial overnight.

We must commemorate the precious zillions burned up in the death camps of Massachusetts. The New England electric belts, my entire family tossed into a fire pit and then made into living room furniture. Feel bad about this, goy. Now "someone" is attacking our giant reminder of the inherent evil of the shkotzim. Who could it be?

The memorial is an outdoor space on Union Street and is open to the public at all times.

Feel free to visit this glass tumor whenever you want, goyim. What a bargain, how can you lose? Have you considered becoming addicted to drugs or alcohol? How about a predatory loan? Did you know Whites are evil and need to die? Hey, come back, I told you this was all open to the public.

Crews spent the night cleaning up shards of glass that littered the ground after someone shattered one of the panes, which holds the names of millions of numbers that represent the infamous tattoos that were on the victims' arms.  

We're going to electric belt gas you right away so it makes sense to waste time putting a tattoo on your arm. Those Germans, so inefficient and bumbling.

There are six glass towers at the memorial, each reaching 54 feet high, and each one is lit internally from top to bottom.

I hope you like it, your tax dollars paid for this semitic abortion. In unrelated news my spellcheck still puts a red line under Holodomor.

The memorial was dedicated in 1995 after years of planning initiated by a group of Holocaust survivors living in the Boston area.

"Years of planning." You think about how you're going to defeat the rats in your basement maybe one hour a day, if that. They spent all their time thinking about how they're going to defeat you.

Boston police confirmed to Boston 25 News that a suspect, James Isaac, 21, of Roxbury, was arrested and will appear in Boston Municipal Court on Wednesday.

"Isaac." Sounds German, probably a nawrtzee. In fairness, this creature was most likely a negro vandal who had no idea what it was wrecking other than "dat be bustin gud mudda fudda." No picture of the suspect has been released, so it's safe to say this "hate crime" is another jewish shuck to throw on the pile with all the others.

No other information was released.

Huh. That's kind of strange. Oh well, let's watch the tar monsters on the talmudvision and drink booze with a little "K" on the bottle, secure in the knowledge that the not-see horrors reported by Soviet war propagandists will never happen again.

Full Story.

 I bee hittin' dat sheeet, bust a rock up in dat hollow cost.

Update: the hoodie not-see behind the "anti-semitism." No prizes for getting that one right. It's claiming "mental illness" as a defense. 


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