San Francisco Mall Put on Tilt

Shopping malls are dying, another casualty of the globalist nightmare state and the online Bezos monopoly. Whites are becoming reluctant to spend time surrounded by sawed-off invaders yammering in a foreign language, dangerous and predatory "teens," sodomites with GRIDS and various other assorted pieces of human waste. The low trust that must accompany "diversity" first destroys basic civility, than a desire to even participate in the rapidly dying "community" and finally everything collapses and Detroit or Chicago or Paris or London or Stockholm remains. "Minorities" hardest hit, of course. Time to cancel that shopping trip. You could just go to the zoo instead.

A brawl forced the temporary lockdown of San Francisco’s downtown Westfield Mall Sunday evening and ended with several people being detained, authorities said.

You know you live in a healthy and thriving nation when prison language and tactics have crossed over into everyday life. Put all the shitizens back in their cells, do a headcount, scan everyone's bar code. These desperate and pathetic measures are sure to reverse the encroaching darkness. We're securing the shopping mall perimeter. Go back to your impulse spending, goyim. Muh economy needs you, please brave the "African-American" jungle and spend those shekels.

A San Francisco police spokesman said calls came in around 6:43 p.m. reporting a large fight at the mall.

Brought here in jewish chains, used as a weapon against normal White American, now a malignant tumor in our cities. They should get better any day now if we just keep living in denial about their pitiful failure to approximate normal human behavior and their total incompatibility with a civilized White country.

Videos posted on social media showed a chaotic scene with arriving officers struggling to subdue several individuals. As a precaution the mall was locked down for a short time and then finally closed for the night early while police attempted to control the violence. 

Mall closed due to negroes. Anarchy battles tyranny and there are no winners. Everything must burn, I don't want to be called mean names. We hold these truths to be self-evident...

Officer Robert Rueca said a number of fights were occurring as bystanders were watching.

The content of their character.

He said officers tried to detain several people some of whom resisted and would not obey officers.

I know, I was surprised too. We all know these are just Whites who got dipped in chocolate and are just as intelligent, law-abiding and capable of linking current actions to future outcomes as we are. Must be "races" police. Let's get a jew attorney on this.

As officers attempted to stop the fighting, they were attacked and assaulted.

Good boys, turning the life around, future basketball player, etc.

Full Story.

Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter.


  1. The fights usually start in the food courts, where the cuisine is also deadly.

  2. We need to fence off San Francisco (and Chicago, and Baltimore) and make sure that ammunition inside doesn't run out...until there is complete silence.

  3. I used to enjoy going to the mall to see fashion. Now they are selling worn and ripped trash for big money. I can't stand going to the mall because of the insanity. If the article of clothing isn't one of their false fashion garments the material is so cheap a sane person would not pay more than a couple of bucks for it. You also have to live with the reality that purchasing it is supporting their gruesome slums they have created with their hideous idea of globalism.


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