Sweden's New Normal

Guarding the future of your progeny and homeland is not a job you can outsource to foreign shores and foreign invaders. A nation that can't defend itself has no future. If you're weak, expect to be killed and replaced. These truths seem obvious, one would even say self-evident perhaps, but you'd never know from the behavior of Western Europe. There doesn't seem to be a limit to the cowardice, the delusional arrogance and the pure refined stupidity of these rapidly dying nations. As usual, Swedenistan is the gold standard, a former Nordic paradise now rapidly becoming the world's coldest moon cult nightmare state. The feckless reaction from "leadership" to this fundamental transformation that must be made, with jews front and center, of course, would only be surprising if you haven't been paying attention.

The number of militant extremists living in Sweden has soared from a couple of hundreds a few years ago to thousands today, the security police Säpo believes.

Well, isn't that something. Who could have predicted this? Apparently locking people up for speech and thought crime in an adult version of the "I can't see you" game somehow failed to transform sand demons into good little work units and barcodes. There's ordinary apathy and then there's a willful effort to ignore national suicide, the new Stockholm Syndrome.

"We have never seen anything like it before," said Säpo chief Anders Thornberg in an interview with Swedish news agency TT. 

It sure is strange that when we were a homogeneous White ethnostate we didn't have "extremism" problems. Then we lost our minds and welcomed jihadan enemygrants. Suddenly we've got rapists and terrorists. There's no way our open invitation to the Third World could be the cause of all this, that's "hate" and I could go to prison.

The vast majority of the extremists support violent Islamist ideologies, according to Säpo.

Yeah. No shit.

However, he stressed that the security service believes few of them have the ability to, or even intend to, carry out a terror attack in Sweden.

We'll probably only have one or two sand creature bloodbaths per month, tops. Everything is fine, go back to sleep.

Life is like a hurricane (of shrapnel after a nail bomb) here in Sweden.

The security police are working on putting together new, more exact, figures, reports TT. Thornberg described the situation as serious.

These new figures are guaranteed not to be intentionally misleading in service of a kosher agenda, trust me.

"This is the 'new normal' … It is an historic challenge that extremist circles are growing," he said.

The new cowardice. The obvious solution of removing the dark alien can't even be discussed, so all that remains is impotent hand-wringing, "Terrorism is a part of your life now" bleating and an open grave. Imagine there's no heaven...

"We used to have different circles. We had radicalized people from North Africa, the Middle East and Somalia, but they were all separate," he said.

We'll take another million rapefugees next year.

"Those of us working in the field of counter-terrorism are not surprised, it has been in the making for some time, it didn't just appear. When IS declared the caliphate, that was the genie out of the bottle," he said.

LOL, that's "racist." The enemy army landed in my doomed country on magic flying carpets and now mischievous djinn are creating havoc. 1001 Swedish nights. 

Interior Minister Anders Ygeman called the figures "worrying", but added: "This is above all a description of what has happened in the past few years and it is already known. We have seen an increasing in violent extremism and an increase in sympathizers too, especially together with the outbreak of the war in Syria."

Yes, I guess knowing we're being flooded with violent foreign opportunists who believe their snake idol wants them to detonate on the kuffir is somewhat troubling. Still, you have to blame that war in Syria, which has apparently spread to every single non-White moose-limb sewer.

On April 7th, an Uzbek national who had shown sympathies for jihadist groups including Isis used a stolen truck to mow down pedestrians on a busy shopping street in Stockholm, killing five people and injuring 15.

We didn't even put a Swedish flag over our faceberg duck-face pictures. We're not doing that anymore.

And a Swedish national, Osama Krayem, has been charged with terrorist murders over the 2016 Brussels metro bombing.

Swedish national. Osama Krayem. A true son of Odin. As Swedish as the koran, the hadith and the call to prayer. R.I.P. Sweden.

 We wuz Vikangz.


  1. Who mourns for Sweden? Nobody, I guess.

  2. Well, it's a shame. The problem is that it's between Norway and Finland, so those two are bound to suffer even if they are less happy with immigration than Sweden, both countries have attempted to stop the influx of mudslimes and save their cultures. Once the gravy train dries up in Sweden they will spread into Norway and Finland, ugh. There's no getting away. They need to go back to Africa and to the middle east. It's the only solution.

  3. Nope....their moving right next door to you, unicorn rider.....the fembot bearded clam with the sanctuary city sign in his front yard....dont have any daughters faggot.


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