World's Laziest Phony Hate Crime

Despite the endless jewish wailing about our fictional evils combined with an unbelievably credulous media arm of this kosher octopus it's still apparently extremely difficult to present a hate crime hoax that doesn't immediately collapse. From holy-rolling negro firebugs to moon cult property trying to avert a familial beat-down  and mentally defective self-harming sodomites they're clearly not sending us their best. Still, compared to today's pathetic attempt to contrive anti-White sentiment all of the above represents the work of genius manipulators. Our current subject is a negro fraud so obviously bogus that even the careerists who usually use such an opportunity to spew hatred against us are steering clear. Alien genetics, tiny frontal lobes and the inability to connect cause and effect has produced an imaginary outrage so inept and low-energy that even our semitic enemies and their useful idiots want it to just go away.

A Jackson elementary school and cars nearby were vandalized overnight according to neighbors near Lester Elementary on Oakhurst Drive.

The White "racists" are here, vandalizing! We need fewer Whites in everything. Let's take a look at this pitiful "Hey Barkevious, watcha doin'!?!" attack on our multi-culti paradise.

Seems legit.

The artistic decision to use purple paint to pimp out this ride with hate messages is a bold choice that pays off big time. The mistakes, if you can even call them that, lend a sort of hyper-realism to this piece that suggests 400 years of muh slavery and that whole "You bedda not be larnin' to read" aspect of this negro holocaust. Note the seemingly random combination of slurs and idiocy that combine to produce a whole much greater than the sum of its parts. The decision to put "Trump" front and center must also be applauded, because we all know he's a fascist. The enterprising morlock outsider artists behind this masterwork should immediately get national endowment for the arts funding. 

One homeowner tells WJTV she woke up to find her vehicles spray painted with the words “KKK,” “n****r,” “coon” and Trump along with swastikas. 

Well, muh eyes are tired of bein' closed. Time to wake up and go look at dat vee-hick-all. Sheeet, it be all pimped up wit duh slurs.

The front sign of Lester Elementary School had the words, Trump, and “n****r kids” spray painted on the front. A sidewalk near the school was also spray painted with the “n” word.

Sadly there are no images of this bonus pathology to add to the artist portfolio. We'll just have to settle for what might be the most incorrectly made swastika in the history of phony hate crimes, which is really saying something.

WJTV has reached out to Jackson Police, who tell us they are unaware of the incident. We’ve also reached out to the Jackson Public School District about the incident, we’ll update this story as soon as more information becomes available.

With society's guardians reluctant to attach their names to this tar monster shuck I'll provide the dinosaur media with the usual commentary as a public service: We are shocked and appalled by this highly plausible attack on our diverse community. Catching the White nawrtzee Trump voters that clearly did this is now our top priority. Sorry negro that got shot by a fellow jungle monster while sitting in a car, trying to figure out who put bullets in your "dome" will just have to wait. We will hunt down the witches and evil root wizards "racists" behind this incident. I must also stress that this is definitely real.

We will find the Whites responsible.


  1. "...settle for what might be the most incorrectly made swastika in the history of phony hate crimes, which is really saying something."

    OMG, I spit my coffee out laughing at this one. Dude, you need LOL Trigger Warnings on your posts before I ruin my phone.


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