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The Hypothetical Friend

The greatest danger currently facing the West is the rise of the extreme right wing. They have already left a trail of atrocities far worse than anything done by the innocent lambs of islam that we welcome to our nations because someone with a weird little cap on the back of their head said we should. We must be ready to turn in our friends and neighbors if we see them exhibiting signs of Thought Crime. Some red flags include any display of patriotism, complaining about job loss, gym attendance, questioning the need for endless foreign invasion, not watching sufficient amounts of talmudvision and not committing suicide. If you see these troubling markers of ungood belief, the Ministry of Love wants to hear from you. And if it's too complicated, here's an insulting phone app from United Kaliphate "Bobbies" to help.

Police have linked hanging out with someone you met at the gym to “right-wing extremism” in a simulation advertised Saturday.

Since weakness and apathy are …

The Traveling Holohoax Show

My spell check doesn't think Holodomor is a word, suggesting "morphology" as a plausible alternative. The Armenian massacre is the answer to a trivia question. Few Americans are aware of our campaign of starvation waged against Germans after Europe's Second Jewish Century Suicide Attempt. White Genocide is currently unfolding in Western nations via the twin kosher fangs of spiritual sickness among the shrinking indigenous population and massive foreign invasion. I think it's pretty obvious that we need to hear more about completely discredited Soviet war propaganda that has since become a massive criminal enterprise for the jew.

Yes, gentiles, come to Brother Shlomo's Traveling Holohoax Show! See pieces of garbage that clearly represent the precious six fibblezillion that were killed in fire pits homicidal gas chambers and sent up the chimney. Reflect on the banality of evil and realize that the destruction of your race is entirely justified in light of this …

Detroit: The Movie

What would a movie about the first American city to be fully annexed by Africa be like? I'd imagine something in the vein of "Escape from New York" or maybe "Falling Down," featuring a lone White hero traveling across the blasted hellscape created by the content of their character, gunning down the brown and trying to get out alive. We could throw in the "one good one" and maybe an evil not-see running a military supply store who tries to sell our hero a can of holohoax jew-b-gone so that there's enough semitic poison mixed with the hate truths that this high-octane summer action film could have a chance of being made.

Well, it got made all right, but it's nothing like what I envisioned. Instead it's a White guilt fest created by a childless shrew. No doubt this lame act of debased penance to our jewish masters will make up for that empty womb and the grave that awaits. You didn't birth any White babies, but you created some incredibly…

We Got This

There is a silent war being waged against Legacy America, against our values, our culture, our traditions, our faith and our future. Only recently, after a disastrous jewish century replete with these attacks, has it slowly become permissible to take timid notice of the White genocide unfolding in slow-motion, one dead body or mixed race abomination at a time. We are in a war for survival and there is no prize for finishing second, no pat of the head from our enemies, no extremely complimentary epitaph, only complete and total annihilation. We need to be armed, we need to be organized, we need to seek peaceful political solutions when they can still be had. We are currently either beginning a dramatic reversal and restoration or breaking the surface for one last desperate gasp before sinking to the bottom of the semitic swamp. It's all up to you.

Three people have been charged in the death of 70-year-old Robert A. Piotrowski, whose body was found July 3 tied up inside a burning hom…

Mobile Ovens

All people are exactly the same and more people means more shekels "pumped" into muh economy, so based on these bizarre postulates it makes sense that we should welcome as many brown outsiders as possible. And don't forget the moral component! Yes, we're "doing the right thing" while an already filthy rich jew counts the profit from the endless supply of dirt cheap and marginally competent alien labor. If it destroys your quality of life, goyim, let me just remind you that increasing the GDP and paying less for goods and services is our g*d that all must kneel before. Which is not to say we don't care deeply about the brown bar codes slowly cooking like burritos in a coyote's truck. Every one is precious and full of value, deep-fried Juan would have made a great shitizen, they're not a weapon being used against Whites, honest.

The authorities here discovered eight bodies in a tractor-trailer in a Walmart parking lot early Sunday morning in what t…

Summer in Chicongo

Six men were killed and at least 35 other people were wounded in shootings across Chicago between Friday night and Monday morning.

The most recent deaths were the latest of 364 people fatally shot in the city this year, according to data maintained by the Chicago Sun-Times. In all, more than 2,075 people have been shot since the start of the year.

The weekend’s latest fatal shooting happened about 9 p.m. Sunday in the South Side Back of the Yards neighborhood. Damijwan Bonds, 18, suffered gunshot wounds to both legs in the 5400 block of South Damen, according to Chicago Police and the Cook County medical examiner’s office. 

He showed up at Holy Cross Hospital, where he was pronounced dead at 9:59 p.m. Bonds lived about three blocks away from the shooting. The circumstances of the incident weren’t immediately known as Area Central detectives conducted a homicide investigation.

It had been about nine hours since the last fatal shooting in the city.

At 12:13 p.m. Sunday in the South Side Park…

Reality Talmudvision

You need to spend a lot more time watching your telavivision, goyim. Here you can enjoy a jewish fantasy world of educated and well-mannered negroes, "butt kicking" dykes, fraud news and endless attempts to sell you kosher garbage you don't need. Not surprisingly, more and more Whites are opting out of this semitic snow job for the internet and the unpleasant truths that can be found there. Our people will definitely be much healthier once we've unplugged the synagogue in the living room. Meanwhile, the traveling merchant continues to peddle illusions and lies, only to run afoul of the same dark beasts it was trying to promote.

Four members of a crew filming a television reality show in downtown Oakland were robbed at gunpoint Monday night of $50,000 worth of equipment and personal items, according to a victim and authorities.

Leave it to actual, legitimate reality to intrude on the talmudic version being crafted for the idiot box. The genetic alien turns on its benef…

Another Mall Put on Tilt

The public space is always the first causality of "diversity." In the early stages of the disease it's easy to overlook the presence of a few sullen shit-colored animals lurking on the periphery, calculating their odds of successfully performing something criminal against an entire pack of Eloi. Then the dark cancer spreads, the garbage piles up, the "random incidents" become increasingly common, demands that something be done are dismissed as "racism," video footage is buried and a general policy of apathy toward the encroaching darkness is adopted by the careerists who were supposed to use their power to stop preventable disasters. Finally the tipping point is reached and a formerly happy, prosperous and White area becomes Africa with all the attendant pathology. The Whites are gone, the long nightmare begins. We didn't want to be called names. We didn't want to fight.

At 6:19 p.m. on Saturday, off-duty Killeen Police officers and security in…

The Future of Law Enforcement

"We need to send young Whites fresh out of high school to Somalia to achieve some poorly-defined objectives," bleated the former CIA Man. This decrepit and scrawny weirdo had spent his life in secret Ivy League jerk-off societies, pedophile rings, satanic cults and globalist shadow organizations. He was about as far removed from normal mainstream America as a gentile can get. Even further beyond the pale were the puppet masters manipulating this scumbag oil man. The traveling merchant, the money-changer, the devil with a thousand masks and a horrible bargain for every sinner tightly held the invisible leash controlling the semitic choke-chain around the neck of our "leader." The demonic outsider gave the order, the spineless useful idiot read the words off a screen, the American golem deployed itself to foreign shores.

The best case scenario of this almost unbelievable foreign policy lunacy involved helping the "moderate" rebels (Al-Qaeda, etc.) and maybe…

500 "Teens" in Preview of Coming Collapse

What will happen when a brown paw swipes dat E.B.T. and an error message pops up on the screen? What will happen when they are given space to destroy and the collapsing government decides said space will be about 3000 miles wide? There will be a week or two of running wild, monkeyshines raised to Biblical levels, and then it will be determined if Whites have the will to survive and restore our homeland. This is the inevitable future if the current political reversals turn out to be nothing more than a brief Indian summer before the grim harvest of the jewish century and the endless winter. We've already seen glimpses on the coming dark nightmare and in Philadelphia we got another dress rehearsal for the day when the living fossil abandons any pretense of shared humanity.

More than 500 teens flash mobbed police who came to disperse them during an unauthorized cookout at a Philadelphia recreation center.

Big chimping up in Philly. Unauthorized cookout gone wrong. A mob of worthless e…

German Summer Fair Ruined by Foreign Invaders

Every belief system is exactly the same. The values, traditions and faith that built Europe are shared by everyone, everywhere. A few "civics lessons" should be more than sufficient to transform even the most backward piece of African dog shit into a good little consuming unit within the tower to heaven we're building. Besides, we're doing the right thing, which had better be its own reward, because we're certainly not gaining any tangible benefits or even an insincere "thank you" from the enemygrants flooding into our nation like a carpet of maggots feasting on a rotting corpse. At least the jew stopped calling us names. For a moment or two, anyway. Our eulogy should be a nice mix of positives and negatives instead of the merchant shrieking curses at our oozing remains in Hebrew.

A German town's summer fair turned violent over the weekend, with multiple sexual assaults reported. A group of youths also attacked visitors and officers, with police stat…

Syndrome of a Down

Please watch the following amazing video. Be sure to dislike and leave comments.

This is what our enemy has been reduced to. They were always this weak. A "Rage Against the Machine" tribute band performs completely limp nu-metal while a singer that one jewtube commentator described as a "144 centimeter manlet" yells about knocking people out, as if this sawed-off goof could kick anyone's ass. We cut to our designated two minutes hate subject wearing a generic red cap that I'm assuming was supposed to be a "Make America Great Again" one but the heroic "anti-racists" were too gutless to risk getting into trouble over using that. Also, this is an odd visual to go with the lyrics about being punched. Maybe next time use this footage.

This is followed by a completely unironic reference to "It's 2017, bigot." This pitiful opposition on the end of a kosher leash apparently didn't get the memo that "Current Year" is n…

High Levels of Racially Insensitive Commentary

Reality is "racist." It's obvious to anyone with working eyes or ears that the negro is a failed branch of humanity that is incompatible with the expectations and responsibilities of a civilized White nation. During the disastrous jewish century noticing basic and indisputable facts became socially unacceptable and later a crime worthy of deploying the full might of zion against the offender. This kosher campaign of fear proved very effective in creating an unprecedented shared delusion: the negro is just a White that got left in the oven too long, it's only "skin color," everyone is exactly the same. It's incredible to imagine how such obviously wrong conclusions weren't immediately shouted down, but the person who shows up wins and for decades that person was the traveling merchant.

Now we live in an age of streaming video, comment sections and anonymous online discussion. Suffice it to say, this is the worst nightmare of g*d's chosen realized…