Another Mall Put on Tilt

The public space is always the first causality of "diversity." In the early stages of the disease it's easy to overlook the presence of a few sullen shit-colored animals lurking on the periphery, calculating their odds of successfully performing something criminal against an entire pack of Eloi. Then the dark cancer spreads, the garbage piles up, the "random incidents" become increasingly common, demands that something be done are dismissed as "racism," video footage is buried and a general policy of apathy toward the encroaching darkness is adopted by the careerists who were supposed to use their power to stop preventable disasters. Finally the tipping point is reached and a formerly happy, prosperous and White area becomes Africa with all the attendant pathology. The Whites are gone, the long nightmare begins. We didn't want to be called names. We didn't want to fight.

At 6:19 p.m. on Saturday, off-duty Killeen Police officers and security inside the Killeen Mall reported a large fight in the food court.

Yes, this is a current story and not me simply re-posting something from last month. The negro is the same wherever it's found, whether it's Mogadishu or Minnesota, Chicago or Paris, Detroit or Stockholm. We've seen the content of their character and it's absolutely contemptible. They need to be removed.

According to Killeen Police, 30-45 adults and juveniles were reportedly involved. 

Well, here's a new one. At least the Fraud News is finally admitting that most of the living fossils involved weren't "babies." A swarm of living darkness descends, our weakness made it possible. Brought here in jewish chains, the "African-American" is always the former and never the latter.

A Youtube user captured the below video of the riot and placed his own text over it. Audio is muted. Please be aware of strong language, if you un-mute the video. We do not condone the content of the clip.

Please watch the following amazing video. The offensive audio in question is a (c)rap song called "You a goofy ass nigga" that the morlock filmographer correctly decided would make a good soundtrack for its depiction of the rot. See if you can spot a single White in this incredible footage. If the cars in the lot were a little more beat up this could be happening in Sudan. We pretended they were our equals. You a goofy ass country, gettin played by dem jews.

Initial reports to police of the incident stated there were shots fired, but officers were unable to verify the report. Due to the unverified shots fired report, several first responding officers formed a quick react team and swept the entire mall searching for possible armed suspects or potential victims.

Response teams, "sweep and clear" missions, police tanks, tactical air strikes...coming soon to your local shopping mall! Must be "convenience" that's driving the online marketplace.

As additional units arrived, a vehicle with persons from the riot was pointed out to police, and was pulled over. Officers located two firearms in the car, one of which was stolen out of Austin, according to police. Five people from the vehicle were taken into custody, police said.

Incredibly, arrests were made. This coal black, 80 I.Q. militarized five-oh is now officially better than Philadelphia's finest. 

 "Busting at yo' limbs."

As officers dealt with the car, three more males approached the officers, and were also arrested.  

LOL. Three other evolutionary dead-ends saunter over, get promptly cuffed and stuffed.

The 4 adults and 4 juveniles were arrested for rioting, according to Killeen Police Commander Alex Gearhart. 

A small percentage of the tribal raiding party got sent to the green bar motel, no White women got shot...this is the best police force in America.

No injuries or property damage were reported by the police. 

That seems likely, based on the footage my lying eyes just watched.

They should start improving any day now.


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