Chiraq: Six-Year-Old Negro Criminal

The negro reaches physical maturity much faster than more advanced races, becoming a serious threat to whatever civilization is unlucky enough to carry them as a worthless burden quite rapidly. This biological reality is accompanied by the insistence from the jew-run fraud news outlets and "races" justice system that a fully grown and dangerous tar monster is actually only a "child" or even a "baby" and should not be seriously punished for its crimes of violence. Coincidentally, the already atrocious behavior of the "teen" has gotten steadily worse, perhaps finally climaxing in a shit-colored age six brigand plying its trade in the Chicongo all against all. We're getting closer and closer to a legitimate morlock "baby" attacking Whites, an amazing achievement of the jewish century that should make your heart swell with kosher pride.

Chicago police are warning residents of neighborhoods including South Commons and Bronzeville that a group of young kids and teens are robbing people at gunpoint on sidewalks, in parking lots and even inside apartment buildings.

There are gangs of feral genetic alien bastards preying on whatever remnants of a productive populace still remains in the Chiraq war zone. You might want to careful out there, it appears a snake or two is loose in our "diverse" modern paradise.

Authorities on Saturday said a group of three to nine school-aged robbers was listed in robbery reports taken throughout the month of June in the area west of Dunbar high school and north of Illinois Institute of Technology.

 Yesterday's satire, today's reality.

The most recent case, on June 28 in the first block of East 29th Street in Bronzeville, involved a boy who was described as being between the ages of 6 and 8, and who “displayed a silver handgun and demanded money,” according to a news release. 

We've reached the end game of decades of spending, groveling appeasement, excuse making, tokenism, willful delusion, and a general failure to squarely address racial reality because the jew told us not to. An animal the color of a bowel movement with a brain to match, barely old enough to walk upright, using a silver ATM card on whatever target is convenient. The bastard brood is now directly extracting the "gibs" rather than merely passively sucking your taxes. The negro is improving, isn't it obvious? We just need another fifty years and maybe the complete extermination of all Whites.

An officer said it likely was a large group of kids and teenagers with robbers of varying ages from 6 up to 20. He explained that no clothing descriptions for the most recent robberies were available and no detectives from Area Central were available to discuss the case. 

Wow, I can really feel the net closing on the kindergarten shit monsters.

This is real. This is what the appeasement created.

Authorities advised that anyone who finds themselves the victim of this type of crime should:

Get ready for some terrible advice.

Be aware of their surroundings.

Around blacks never relax.

Stay calm if confronted.

When a larval-stage jungle creature is pointing a "chrome" at you, remember everything is fine and there's sports and booze and pills waiting at home if you survive this soulful vibrancy.

Remember unique physical characteristics.

"It looked like a turd with eyes" probably isn't a useful description in a city full of identical looking and behaving hopelessly pathological "diversity."

Never pursue a fleeing assailant.

The Jesse Owens act is an exciting and sacred part of "African-American" culture that should not be interfered with.

Call 911 to report the crime.

"Who bee diss? Yaw gattin robbed bye keeeds, mudda fudda? I caint hee yew. I bee hangin up nao to do muh nails."

Stay at the location when it’s safe.

Lots of "safe" locations in Bronzeville, that's for sure.

Get contact information from anyone who witnessed the crime.

I'm sure the evolutionary dead-end shitizens will be eager to "snitch" on your behalf.


  1. "It looked like a turd with eyes".

    I haven't had a good laugh all week. Thanks for that one.

  2. "Turd with eyes" should be a legitimate description, since it's the most accurate one.

  3. Yes turd with eyes is just as good as black male between18-45 wearing jeans and a white t-shirt, and probably get the same results.


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