Detroit: The Movie

What would a movie about the first American city to be fully annexed by Africa be like? I'd imagine something in the vein of "Escape from New York" or maybe "Falling Down," featuring a lone White hero traveling across the blasted hellscape created by the content of their character, gunning down the brown and trying to get out alive. We could throw in the "one good one" and maybe an evil not-see running a military supply store who tries to sell our hero a can of holohoax jew-b-gone so that there's enough semitic poison mixed with the hate truths that this high-octane summer action film could have a chance of being made.

Well, it got made all right, but it's nothing like what I envisioned. Instead it's a White guilt fest created by a childless shrew. No doubt this lame act of debased penance to our jewish masters will make up for that empty womb and the grave that awaits. You didn't birth any White babies, but you created some incredibly insincere propaganda. That should keep the hysteria under control and stave off the crushing despair caused by a life wasted now encroaching from all sides.

Oscar-winning director Kathryn Bigelow brought her powerful interpretation of Detroit's racially charged 1967 riots home to the city in the world premiere of "Detroit," saying she hoped the film would encourage a wider dialogue nationwide.

This sort of "dialogue" means a one-sided lecture from a jew con-artist speaking to "My Fellow Whites" and focusing on how bad we are for building a successful civilization that makes the dark inferiors feel bad about themselves. The answer is to put everything to the torch of "diversity." It's the right thing to do.

In unrelated news the negro in America has an average I.Q. of 85 and even that pathetic number is inflated by mulattoes and mystery meat. This genetically programmed idiocy, combined with a lack of future time orientation and heightened levels of aggression gives us a race that must be removed if we're going to have a future. This is the real conversation, cat lady. It was wrong and "racist" to force them to live in our nations. Deportation will solve this.

"Detroit" recreates the summer civil unrest by African-Americans in the city 50 years ago, and the little-known police interrogation and shootings of three young black men at the Algiers Motel.

"African-Americans." Always the former, never the latter. Marvel at sixties "teens" who dindu nuffin. Watch them chimp out and soil their own nest. Be sure to feel bad about it, gentiles. Your polite accommodation, sense of justice and desire to avoid conflict is responsible. You're evil. More needs to be done. You'll be a hated minority in your own homeland by 2038. I have a dream.

The movie, out in major U.S. cities on Friday, has a rare 100 percent-positive review score on aggregator website Rotten Tomatoes with many movie critics calling it timely but painful to watch.

Comrade Stalin has a rare 100 percent approval rating. This "White Man Bad" turd is poorly made and offensive, but because it conveys a message approved by Big jew it's an absolute must-see for all the unclean meat. Sit and watch this insulting kosher bowel movement and reflect on how this is your fault because you might have committed Face Crime once around one of the animals that is more equal.

Bigelow, in Detroit for Tuesday's premiere, noted that although the events took place a half century ago, unarmed black men were still being shot by police in the United States.

Fifty years of wasted shekels and shed blood in a failed attempt to fix this evolutionary false start doesn't even rate a mention, let alone gratitude. All the groveling, all the negro appeasement and they're just as bad as they used to be, maybe worse. It's almost as if there's genetic determinism at work here, but we all know the real problem is Whites aren't dying fast enough.

"These events keep happening. I mean look at how timely and topically it is with Michael Brown, Trayvon Martin, Laquan McDonald, Freddie Gray," Bigelow told reporters on the red carpet.

Our Fraud News media lied about all of those stories right after they happened, but I'm sure we'll get nothing but honesty in depicting a poorly documented incident from half a century ago.

"Racist" police are to blame for this.

"I think (the film is) an opportunity to encourage or invite a dialogue about bridging a divide this country desperately needs, in my humble opinion," Bigelow added.

Wow, humble and talented. What a hero. Also, good job not having children, shiksa.

In "Detroit," actor Will Poulter plays a white, racist police officer who was subsequently tried and acquitted of all charges in the shootings.

In "Sanford" actor Pablo Fernandez plays a white, racist neighborhood watch volunteer who was subsequently tried and acquitted of all charges in the shooting.

"I think like a lot of other white people, sometimes the topic of race is often uncomfortable or difficult. I´m hoping that a film like this will encourage people to talk about this topic when we´re invited into the conversation," Poulter said.

If watching a one-dimensional and completely dishonest portrayal of hate-filled KKKops and innocent, long-suffering and saintly "teens" doesn't make you want to invite Barkevious into your house for a nice long chat about why White Genocide is completely justified, I don't know what will.

Adam Graham, film critic for the Detroit News, wrote that the movie is "an intense, gritty, explosive recreation of a grim moment in one of our city´s worst chapters."

 More "bad chapters" for the Detroit rot.

"It hurts, because it needs to. This is not a film about civic pride or the city´s comeback. We have to own this, and Bigelow highlights this ugly moment on its 50th anniversary. Yes, the city has moved on, but this incident still stings, and 'Detroit' reopens wounds that fester," Graham wrote.  

You'll watch this emotionally manipulative drivel, you'll feel bad, nothing will change, the rot will keep devouring our cities, the tar monster will keep committing crimes, the wasteful spending, doomed programs and special treatment will continue. Oh "incident," where is thy sting?

This is not civic pride.


  1. So many movies are cranked out - and not a single one worth watching.


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