Many Voluntary Returns

I'm still waiting for the wall on our southern border. At least the amount of foreign invasion has slowed and some of the la-teen-oh slime is being sent back, but it's a waste of time to mop the floor when you still haven't fixed the broken sewer pipe spraying brown filth. If America is going to have any chance of survival, we need a massive demographic reversal. Just because the jew has momentarily stopped the "Whites will be a hated minority in our own country by 2050 2042 2035" celebrations doesn't mean we've solved all our problems. The alien garbage has to be removed and politely asking them to stay out and not cross our open border generally ends in failure, very rarely in self-correcting automotive carnage.

An illegal immigrant, who has been removed from the United States seven times, had consumed '12 beers and was driving at 100mph' when he crashed his van and killed a father-of-three.

Natural conservatives and Reagan republicans. A moronic opportunist sucks down some cervezas and then does a job Whites won't do, namely turning a van into a flaming steel burrito and wiping out some of its fellow welfare colonists in the process. Speedy Gonzalez the "dreamer," a better American than you, decent and hardworking, full of family values, a weapon deployed by big jew.

Nemias Garcia-Velasco, 32, who is from Mexico, was going over 100mph when he lost control of his 2001 Dodge Ram work van and crashed, killing 58-year-old Silvano Torres.

Fiesta gone wrong. This worthless genetic mystery bag could have just as easily killed a White family. Instead, we get another encounter in "diversity" cooking up on the side of a highway.

Prosecutor Ryan Lindberg said Garcia-Velasco was driving down Interstate 80 around 1pm on Wednesday when the incident occurred.

A dozen beers for lunch. The "immigration" act of love. Give this creature citizenship. No human being is illegal, not even a booze-soaked Mexican scumbag.

During Garcia-Velasco's hearing, Lindberg also said the man had been removed from the US a total of seven times. 

This whole "honor system" approach to our national sovereignty doesn't seem to be working.  

 Eyyyy, I voted for Mitt Romney.

After two deportation hearings, in 2009 and 2011, Garcia-Velasco was forced out of the country and the five other times were considered 'voluntary returns'.
If it isn't too much of a bother could you please obey our laws? No? Okay, that's fine, too.

Lindberg also added that Garcia-Velasco had also been convicted of having false citizenship papers prior to the crash, just a day after the Fourth of July holiday.  

Isn't it ironic, rain of your wedding day, etc.

Garcia-Velasco's blood-alcohol level was .243 when it was checked at a hospital after the crash, according to the Herald.  

The fact that this piece of vile garbage was even able to keep from passing out is truly a testament to the "undocumented immigrant" and its commitment to the crash and burn dream.

At the time, Torres was riding unrestrained in the cargo area of the van. He was pronounced dead at the fiery scene. 

Drunken illegal destroys a may-hee-can clown car full of its fellow taco vote. Sometimes things just work out in spite of everything.

Another passenger, Jesus I. Gonzalez, 16, was treated at the hospital and released the day of the crash. 

A few minor edits and this could be a shaggy dog story from Guatemala. 

Garcia-Velasco suffered from severe burns to his face and was taken to the Nebraska Medical Center at the time. 

Now for the free medical care for the charred alien. I hope it's in a lot of pain.

 They're not sending us their best.


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