Mobile Ovens

All people are exactly the same and more people means more shekels "pumped" into muh economy, so based on these bizarre postulates it makes sense that we should welcome as many brown outsiders as possible. And don't forget the moral component! Yes, we're "doing the right thing" while an already filthy rich jew counts the profit from the endless supply of dirt cheap and marginally competent alien labor. If it destroys your quality of life, goyim, let me just remind you that increasing the GDP and paying less for goods and services is our g*d that all must kneel before. Which is not to say we don't care deeply about the brown bar codes slowly cooking like burritos in a coyote's truck. Every one is precious and full of value, deep-fried Juan would have made a great shitizen, they're not a weapon being used against Whites, honest.

The authorities here discovered eight bodies in a tractor-trailer in a Walmart parking lot early Sunday morning in what they said was a human trafficking crime that underscored the perils facing migrants trying to enter the United States by any means available. 

The profound ugliness of modern America. Outside an unsightly giant box specializing in cheap Chinese garbage the foreign invasion ends for an insignificant amount of the locust swarm threatening our future. They just wanted to feast on the rotting remains of a country that lost the will to defend itself, these are poor victims, the precious eight lost.

By Sunday afternoon, another person had died at a hospital, according to a spokesman for Immigration and Customs Enforcement. All of the dead were men.

Women and children, widows and babies, fleeing the low quality tacos or whatever the heart-rending humanitarian problem is down there. Even mild opposition to this peaceful disaster is "racist" and very, very wrong.

The eight people whose bodies were initially found were believed to have died from heat exposure and asphyxiation, a spokesman for the San Antonio Police Department said.

Eyyyyyy, eeessss hot eeeen heeeeaahhh essseee. Future Rubio voters bake, such a tragedy. Here's hoping Ivanka Trump doesn't hear about this, cry in front of Daddy and ruin everything. We need that wall and we need it now.

In a statement, Mayor Ron Nirenberg of San Antonio called the episode “tragic,” adding that it “shines a bright light on the plight of immigrants looking for a better life and victims of human trafficking.”

Yeah, it's a real sad day when the "immigration" machine gun jams instead of cutting you in half. They just wanted a better life, at your expense, naturally. That poor enemy army, sweating in the July heat outside our beleaguered castle. Let's just open the gates and let them all in. The merchant with this weird little cap on the back of his head told me it was a good idea. 

An expert on border enforcement and migrant deaths called the trucks “mobile ovens.”

Oy vey, the taco holocaust. The precious six million natural conservatives baked in foil in the back of trucks and then stuffed with Tex-Mex spices. You should feel very bad. Obviously, the humane solution is a secure border that would end this nonsense. Nationalism, a force for good that will save may-hee-can lives. We're the good guys, the open-borders jew wants more Tijuana cook-outs.

“Those things are made out of steel and metal,” the expert, Néstor P. Rodríguez, a professor of sociology at the University of Texas at Austin, said on Sunday.

Yeah, no shit. Man, you sure learned a lot in that communist indoctrination center, Pablo.

Add eight to ten criminal opportunists to the truck, simmer for several hours...

“Yesterday in Austin, it was like 96 degrees at 9:30 in the evening. Even if the cooling system is on in the tractor-trailer, it’s just too hot.”

High temperatures are bad for racial inferiors. Thanks professor, this is exciting new information.

Chief McManus said that “we’re looking at a human trafficking crime here” and that officials from the Department of Homeland Security and Immigration and Customs Enforcement were helping with the investigation.

After some sawed-off greasers took the old dirt siesta we suddenly care about the flood of human waste across our southern border.

Two of those found were “school-age children,” and the others were in their 20s and 30s, the chief said. The two youngest of those hospitalized were 15, the authorities said.  

Please edit this section to indicate the victims were children and babies dreaming of a better future as hard-working tax payers and consumers.

The driver, identified as James M. Bradley Jr., 60, of Clearwater, Fla., is in custody and will be charged, the top federal prosecutor in the San Antonio area said in a statement on Sunday.

This scumbag should be executed via slow torture for treason. The fact that your destructive and worthless cargo got ruined doesn't mitigate your crimes.

“Imagine their suffering, trapped in a stifling trailer in 100-plus-degree heat.”

So humid in here and such small enchilada portions.

Experts were at odds over whether President Trump’s crackdown on immigration had increased the likelihood of such cases, but Mr. Rodríguez said the 2003 episode illustrated the persistence of the problem.

Many such cases. Obviously trying to stop this is causing it to happen more, it's just basic logic.

“We don’t have any good way of measuring if it’s increasing because of Trump, but we know it’s a constant,” he said. “Smuggling is a billion-dollar industry when you look at the whole border.”

I'm mostly talking out of my ass, but we all know Trump is bad and a tool of the Russians.

Full Story.

Your shipment of "conservative values" has arrived.


  1. I can already see where this will go. Soon all trucks will have to be equipped with emergency exits and arctic-level air conditioning in order to be licensed to operate in CA and TX. Both of these states are half-Latino already, with newborns being almost 70 percent Hispanic. Texas will go blue as soon as next election cycle.


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