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You need to spend a lot more time watching your telavivision, goyim. Here you can enjoy a jewish fantasy world of educated and well-mannered negroes, "butt kicking" dykes, fraud news and endless attempts to sell you kosher garbage you don't need. Not surprisingly, more and more Whites are opting out of this semitic snow job for the internet and the unpleasant truths that can be found there. Our people will definitely be much healthier once we've unplugged the synagogue in the living room. Meanwhile, the traveling merchant continues to peddle illusions and lies, only to run afoul of the same dark beasts it was trying to promote.

Four members of a crew filming a television reality show in downtown Oakland were robbed at gunpoint Monday night of $50,000 worth of equipment and personal items, according to a victim and authorities.

Leave it to actual, legitimate reality to intrude on the talmudic version being crafted for the idiot box. The genetic alien turns on its benefactor in a preview of the merciless cannibal state that will exist if we fail. When Whites are gone, when hope is gone, we will have useless animals engaged in endless tribal warfare until only crumbling ruins and picked clean bones remain as an inspiring monument to our total absence of Wrong Think.

The head of the crew said he was thrown up against a wall and that he and the other victims were forced to lay on the pavement, where the two robbers put guns to their heads and threatened them.

Chris Burns, 37,  an independent director of photography for the AwesomenessTV production “This Is Summer,” a reality show that follows eight 17-year-olds growing up in the Bay Area, said Wednesday the robbery “was really, really scary. It’s the most terrifying robbery I’ve ever been a part of.”

Of all the times I've been robbed by schwoogies, this was the worst. Still, it's a small price to pay to inflict a poisonous "growing up" story on the gentiles. Make sure there's lots of drugs, sodomy and race-mixing. If I'm going to get a gun pushed into my kop and then eat a cement sandwich this drek better harm the unclean meat as much as possible.


Burns, who lives in the Bay Area, said the robbery has prompted Awesomeness officials to decide they won’t film again in Oakland and that wherever they do film there will be either armed private security or police.

From now on we'll stay in White areas and if we do venture into the jungle war zone our policies created we'll be surrounded by armed guards. Too bad this isn't a practical option for many Whites caught in the "diversity" undertow. 

He said the suspects put guns to their heads and threatened them with violence if they did not cooperate and that he pleaded with them not to hurt anyone and to take anything they wanted.

Friendly fire. Brought here in jewish chains, released upon us in a fit of equalist lunacy, completely incompatible with our civilization, a biological weapon that turned on its controllers.

The real life negro is a little different.

“They were very systematic. I think they had been watching us,” he said.

Systematic robberies! Gun-wielding negro privilege!

Responding police searched the area but could not find any trace of the suspects.

A 90 I.Q. officer assesses the situation. "Looks like they're gone." At least no White women got shot.

He said he feels bad about what happened because of the negative publicity it will generate but still feels people need to be made aware of what occurred.

Wow. Good for you. A lot of people would disagree. 

 Let's see what's on.


  1. may I suggest you use white lettering in the gadget column. I can barely make it out. I am a senior with bad eyesight.

  2. Niggerella, Niggerella, where have you been? Killin jew piggies with my Glock in Idiot Box Sin. They dint pay me enuff so I shot them all dead, and now those kosher bacon jews are all in the red.
    - Little Red Economic Tale

  3. In this particular case - and in any other where liberals get to eat their own cooking - the "good boys" didn't do anything wrong.


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