Syndrome of a Down

Please watch the following amazing video. Be sure to dislike and leave comments.

This is what our enemy has been reduced to. They were always this weak. A "Rage Against the Machine" tribute band performs completely limp nu-metal while a singer that one jewtube commentator described as a "144 centimeter manlet" yells about knocking people out, as if this sawed-off goof could kick anyone's ass. We cut to our designated two minutes hate subject wearing a generic red cap that I'm assuming was supposed to be a "Make America Great Again" one but the heroic "anti-racists" were too gutless to risk getting into trouble over using that. Also, this is an odd visual to go with the lyrics about being punched. Maybe next time use this footage.

This is followed by a completely unironic reference to "It's 2017, bigot." This pitiful opposition on the end of a kosher leash apparently didn't get the memo that "Current Year" is now a joke. Meanwhile, masked "anti-fascists" drive up. It turns out that making yourself look like a generic enemy in a "Streets of Rage" arcade game doesn't exactly inspire confidence. Also "not okay" and "KKK" because we have to check all the boxes on your anti-White cuckold bingo card (doesn't lift and looks like a sickly junkie is the free space in the center).


The cultural marxist inanities continue with garbled profanity and even what I think was a reference to muh slavery. It's time for our generic Trump supporter to enter a room full of Hitler imagery and then get battered by heroic masked thugs, one armed with a shotgun. Even in their fantasy world the jew tools can't win a fair fight. The communist can't figure out why our ranks grow every day and the Soros-funded opposition keeps losing ground. Pour in more shekels, Shlomo, make more horrible music videos, you're g*d's favorite. We're going to win so much. 

Whites are waking up. Here's a few choice comments from this video:

Rage FOR the Machine

Autistic screeching intensifies


I just got cucked the fuck out The punishment from my wife I keep my fist held high, but get smacked and cry That’s what happens when you’re four-foot-nine  

Invents new genre: Cuckcore 

My wife's son sent me this cool song, Now i'm jamming it up whenever i drive My Hybrid.

Can't wait to kill these faggots in the civil war

I wonder (((who))) funded this music video?

This video was produced by (((George Soros))).


  1. We are going to need a lot of free helicopter rides...probably much sooner than the lead screamer of this homo squad thinks.


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