The Traveling Holohoax Show

My spell check doesn't think Holodomor is a word, suggesting "morphology" as a plausible alternative. The Armenian massacre is the answer to a trivia question. Few Americans are aware of our campaign of starvation waged against Germans after Europe's Second Jewish Century Suicide Attempt. White Genocide is currently unfolding in Western nations via the twin kosher fangs of spiritual sickness among the shrinking indigenous population and massive foreign invasion. I think it's pretty obvious that we need to hear more about completely discredited Soviet war propaganda that has since become a massive criminal enterprise for the jew.

Yes, gentiles, come to Brother Shlomo's Traveling Holohoax Show! See pieces of garbage that clearly represent the precious six fibblezillion that were killed in fire pits homicidal gas chambers and sent up the chimney. Reflect on the banality of evil and realize that the destruction of your race is entirely justified in light of this pack of kosher lies. Be sure to have that credit card ready! The semitic shakedown might be coming soon to your town!

An exhibit of some items from the former Nazi German death camp of Auschwitz are going on a tour of Europe and North America to bring its tragic truth about the Holocaust to a wider audience.

See the holy relics of an event that, strictly speaking, never happened. Marvel at a sliver of the True Gas Oven, sneak a peak at the bones of the innocent merchant, gawk like an imbecile at some trash we found in a Polish basement and crafted ridiculous and insulting stories around. The special and unique suffering inflicted by unclean meat against beings of pure goodness and light.

The exhibit — called “Auschwitz. Not long ago. Not far away” — will be the first-ever traveling show done by the museum and will include 600 original items.

Once upon a time, not long ago, not far away...

“Today, when the world is moving in uncertain directions,” the exhibition can be a “great warning cry for us all” against building a “future on hatred, racism, anti-Semitism and bottomless contempt for another human being,” museum chief Piotr M.A. Cywinski said.

Oy vey, the "racism." If there's one thing we must guard against it's you cattle who are destined to become the brown slaves promised by the talmud developing contempt for your fellow work units and bar codes.

The exhibit aims to tell victims’ stories through their personal items. It will also show an original barrack from the Auschwitz-Monowitz part of the camp and a German freight train wagon that the Nazis used to bring inmates to the camp in.

Here's the net from the tennis court. This is part of the screen from the movie theater. Here's a suit worn while frolicking in the swimming pool.

Some items, like an SS military belt buckle, are linked to the perpetrators, the German SS — men who built and operated the camp in occupied Poland during World War II.

The shkotzim's inhumanity toward man. Good thing Germany is being destroyed by kosher nihilism and moon cult invasion.

 Irrefutable proof of the holocaust.

Some 1.1 million people, mostly Europe’s Jews, but also Poles, Roma and Soviet prisoners of war, were killed in the camp’s gas chambers or died of hunger, disease and hard labor during World War II.

The incredible shrinking holocaust. Soon that number will be revised again to an even more accurate one: 0.

The state museum was established in 1947 to preserve the memory of the victims and be a warning to future generations.

It's a warning all right.A warning never to trust a jew communist.


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