We Got This

There is a silent war being waged against Legacy America, against our values, our culture, our traditions, our faith and our future. Only recently, after a disastrous jewish century replete with these attacks, has it slowly become permissible to take timid notice of the White genocide unfolding in slow-motion, one dead body or mixed race abomination at a time. We are in a war for survival and there is no prize for finishing second, no pat of the head from our enemies, no extremely complimentary epitaph, only complete and total annihilation. We need to be armed, we need to be organized, we need to seek peaceful political solutions when they can still be had. We are currently either beginning a dramatic reversal and restoration or breaking the surface for one last desperate gasp before sinking to the bottom of the semitic swamp. It's all up to you.

Three people have been charged in the death of 70-year-old Robert A. Piotrowski, whose body was found July 3 tied up inside a burning home on Milwaukee's south side.

Hush crime horror for the memory hole. Morlock-Americans emerge at night to feast on their pale prey, leaving destruction and misery behind. We can't share a country with these dangerous and moronic animals. The only humane solution is their removal.

Ladarius Boyce, 22, and Quincy Qualls and Ebone Spencer, both 24, face felony murder charges in the killing. 

Now the harsh punishment from our "races" justice system: three meals a day and cable telavivision while surrounded by their fellow tribals. This will definitely deter negro minds with their shrunken frontal lobes, foreign genetic material and complete inability to connect cause and effect from slaughtering free-range Whites in the future.

Spencer said Piotrowski had given her money before and she suggested robbing him at his home. 

Doing the right thing gone wrong. Let's bring the poor frozen snake into our home. Once they see I'm not "races" they're sure to be friendly. He was murdered and cremated by living fossils. His generosity purchased a horrible and forgotten death.

The face of the racial enemy.

Spencer and Boyce were in a relationship, while Qualls was Spencer's friend. "This is sweet. We got this," she said.

The content of their character. We've found a delusional old White man who doesn't have the basic common sense to be wary of dangerous and inferior aliens. It doesn't get any better.

The three tied up Piotrowski on his bed, covered his head with a sheet and when he moaned, Boyce punched him repeatedly.

Those decades of spending, groveling and sickening appeasement sure led to massive improvements. This is why there was segregation and lynching in the past. This is why there needs to be deportation in the future.

Then, they stole his debit card and car and set the duplex on fire when they returned a day later.  

"Oppressed people cannot remain oppressed forever. The yearning for freedom eventually manifests itself, and that is what has happened to the American Negro." - Martin Luther King, Jr.

Boyce said he checked to see if Piotrowski was still alive, but could not find a pulse. He said Spencer found lighter fluid under the sink and poured it on the blanket covering him. Boyce said he used matches to light the blanket on fire. 

Whites must be really "racist," to cause this kind of behavior from our equals. The only difference is "skin color." They set him on fire.

Piotrowski's debit card was used at a variety of locations on July 2 and July 3. One of those transactions occurred at a store in Watertown about 6:15 p.m. July 2. The video showed a man and woman using the card to buy a flat-screen TV.

This is what your life is worth to the shit-colored hordes of evolutionary dead-ends: a new talmudvision.

Spencer told police after buying the TV that she and Boyce went home but couldn't sleep "out of worry."

Wow, they really are just like us. This poorly-formed and loathsome creature is clearly human, ask any rabbi.

Boyce told detectives he had hoped to get $1,000 out of the robbery.

If you still aren't convinced you need a gun and concealed carry there probably isn't any hope for you. 

All three defendants are due back in court Aug. 1 for a preliminary hearing. 

Don't forget to complain about muh mass incarceration, because they obviously didn't do [anything].

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We bee gattin dat tow-sand fom ded milk.


  1. It's a reversal and a restoration, not the last gasp. If we were destined for the bottom of the semitic swamp, we'd already be there.
    The fact that we are not is proof of just how durable our race is. Things are a changin".

  2. Another moronic white cuck is taken out by the negro. It's not only the monkey people who can't connect present actions with future outcomes, unfortunately.

  3. They are predatory savages. If there were ever a time when they feared whites, it's clear they don't now. In fact, they don't seem to carry any vestiges of memories about these supposedly brutal historical events, which makes me question just how bad those separate water fountains really were. These blacks are clearly proud as anything to be walking all over the evil white devil these days, really strutting their stuff. It's amazing how whites buy this nonsense. It's time they were reminded of the past, rather than stupid whites in chains begging their forgiveness. They wanted equality, and they got it. Beautiful cities theirs for the taking, destroyed to the very last brick - over and over again. This legacy of scorched cities was their demonstration to the world of how proud black panther Afrocentric man-children and woman-children clearly aren't up to the challenge of living in a civilized society. They are acting out, or to put it crudely they are chimping out, showing every single nation, color and creed that they desperately need control, they are begging for some bounderies. Give these people a stop sign, an ultimatum. Or they will continue this until they get their hands on a NUKE and destroy the earth.


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