Detroit: Candidates with Past Hardships

"At least I still have the Constitution," mumbles the last White person in Detroit as piles of rotten garbage burn and ill-formed dark hominids lope about the ruins seeking prey. An insane hope that it's still possible to democracy our way out of this mess flashes through the only civilized mind left in a once prosperous city as identical looking and behaving tar monsters close in. Maybe they'll care that you went and saw the city's official kosher movie about how "races" five-oh are actually responsible for this amazing transformation into an African all against all. Uh oh, looks like the fact that you believed in jewish myths makes for a poor shield against the content of their character fully unleashed. Detroit is gone, all that remains is endless night, ignorance and superstition, violence and idiocy. Entropy finally has its way with the Paris of the Midwest, now the Midwest Mogadishu. All men are created equal...

Half of the eight mayoral hopefuls on Detroit’s primary ballot next week have been convicted of felony crimes involving drugs, assault or weapons, a Detroit News analysis shows.

Muh democracy. Which criminal negro is best qualified to rule over the Kingdom of the Sahara Desert? Be sure to educate yourself as a good citizen, tax unit and voter. Compare and contrast their felonies, decide which one is mostly likely to turn that life around after being given the reigns of a dead city. Make your voice heard, gentiles, it will make a huge difference.

Three were charged with gun crimes and two for assault with intent to commit murder. Some of the offenses date back decades, the earliest to 1977. The most recent was in 2008.

If you know the justice system, that was probably a facetious indictment.

Political consultant Greg Bowens said there are candidates with past hardships in every election cycle. It’s not something unique to Detroit or the political arena in general, he said. 

Nothing to see here, goyim. Inferior dark murderers run for office all the time, our country is very healthy, not a big deal, go back to sleep.

“Black marks on your record show you have lived a little and have overcome some challenges,” said Bowens, a former press secretary to Detroit Mayor Dennis Archer and NAACP activist. 

Come on, live a little. Take this illegally acquired gun and try to kill one of your fellow tar monsters with it. So soulful and vibrant, unlike stiff and boring Whitey who never did a "dime" in the "crib" for assault with intent to commit murder. 

“They (candidates) deserve the opportunity to be heard, but they also deserve to have the kind of scrutiny that comes along with trying to get an important elected position.”

 Detroit has "lived a little" and "overcome challenges."

While some refute circumstances that led to their criminal convictions, three said their past is a motivating factor in their decisions to run.

We've got a nice mix of obviously innocent dindu nuffins and worthless animals who are proud of their failures.

First-time contender Donna Marie Pitts, 58, has multiple felony convictions dating back to 1977, according to court records in Wayne and Oakland counties.

The Not the White Man's Bitch Party fields another winner. Good girl, 58-year-old teen, getting ready to go to college or become mayor of the first American city to commit demographic suicide.

Although she denies wrongdoing in the past cases against her, Pitts is open about her convictions.

Wow. What a hero.

Pitts contends she’s been wronged by the courts and police, and she disputes many of the allegations in each criminal case, saying she was discriminated against.

It seems plausible. We all know that the entire system is "races." 
Fellow candidate Danetta L. Simpson has a 1996 felony conviction out of Oakland County for assault with intent to murder.

The 46-year-old former cosmetologist and salon owner has made past bids for state representative, Detroit’s school board and City Council. Her prior interaction with the criminal justice system, she said, has fueled her desire to seek public office. Simpson said she represents a “new spirit” for Detroit.

Get yo' nails did, mudda fudda. Truly this criminal sow represents something exciting and new that has never been seen before.

“I was a wrongfully convicted felon, overcharged for a crime I did not commit,” said Simpson, a mother of four, who contends the witness in the case “lied on me.”

LOL. I done got over-charged an sheeet, dem snitch-azz niggas bee lyin. Four bastard pickaninnies. Try the child-free lifestyle shkotzim! We have to save the environment.

Simpson said she’s running for mayor to “correct what’s wrong and make it right.”

Hope and change.

Another candidate, Articia Bomer, a document specialist who touts a culinary background and musical talents, was charged in 2008 with carrying a concealed weapon.

Aspiring rapper and able to use a microwave, this is the most talented negress you'll ever meet.

The 45-year-old said her conviction is “frivolous” and “wrong.” It isn’t her focus and she doesn’t believe “that should hinder me.”

Court records note Bomer was approached by police while sitting in a 1987 Oldsmobile Cutlass parked at the curb in the 9300 block of Whitcomb on July 25, 2008. A search turned up a .38-caliber pistol with four live rounds. Bomer said the weapon was not hers.
Sitting in a car (for legitimate reasons, no doubt) never seems to go well for the "African-American." You know what, I totally believe her. It wasn't hers. It might have belonged to the car's previous owner or something. Come on, use your imagination. This conviction is a "races" trick bag and shuck. 

She said she had just purchased the vehicle, the prior owner was a gun-carrier and several others had been driving the car.

See, I told you! Completely innocent.

“I want voters to know that they should never judge a book by its cover,” she said. “I am a law-abiding citizen.” 

Candidate Curtis Christopher Greene was charged with a felony at age 19. Greene, an author, said he’s since turned his life around by earning marketing degrees from the University of Phoenix and writing three books.

 I bee a liter-rare-ee gent-man an sheeet.

“I came from a crime-ridden area,” Greene said. “My life, I believe it was very complex growing up.”

Yeah. There's nothing more complicated than the American negro and its rich inner thought life that revolves around eating, fornicating, smoking and killing.

Greene violated probation in July 2005 when he was arrested and charged with uttering and publishing a fraudulent check in Gratiot County, a felony.

The only real, legitimate fiction this morlock "author" ever crafted.

The activist and ordained minister previously sought a council seat and is touting a seven-point plan to rebuild Detroit. It addresses jobs, discriminatory lending and access to meaningful employment for convicted felons with academic achievement.

Other areas include blight and a “pie-in-the-sky” vision for a 3-million-square-foot “Mall of Michigan” that would rival suburban shopping centers, he said.

Imagine a giant mall that you can put on tilt, squat in and trap out! It will rival any high trust shopping center in a White area, just you wait!

“I believe I’m the one to change the city,” Greene said. “Something put this in my heart to do it now.” 

R.I.P. Detroit.


  1. Hey AJ, I thought you might like something I did this morning. I live on the South side in the city of St. Louis. Mostly White with dindus and other mystery meat sprinkled in. I now have dindu neighbors that live behind me, so we share an alley. Of course they are renters and I'm a home owner. Just last week my colorful dindu neighbors dumped a an old mangled couch with the stuffing coming out of it right in the alley by my beautiful backyard. I finally put a note on it this morning. It reads: Hey black people, your neighbors THANK YOU for once again moving into OUR neighborhoods and beautifying our otherwise drab, boring, quiet area with you vibrancy and general knack for curbside appeal. LOOKS GREAT!!!"

  2. For a decade already the media keeps yapping about some mythical Detroit "revival" the meantime, the population keeps dropping year year...down from 952k in 2000 to 673k in 2016. Pretty soon it will revive into complete emptiness.

  3. Dammmmnnnn. I wants to get out an vote now!


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